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  1. And blur is back to "normal" again ☺️
  2. And why did we get a "daily moments #2" ?
  3. Did I regain my sight, or did they lower the blur a notch or five? It's so little blur now, they could just remove it lol A compensasion for no freecam since Thursday? lol
  4. Just saw Rad on the trampoline - nothing was bouncing, absolutely nothing lol Wish she would gain some weight and get some curves on that sweet body.
  5. Looks like they just read your post and shut down all free-cams lol
  6. WPSFS is back as sponsor for the night lol They even opened up B1. That's a first after Rubislava moved out. I must say, it was a very sexy bouquet of ladies at the party tonight.
  7. You think he get to take the joystick with him? lol Wonder if they're out for good or a relocate?
  8. It is all clear to me now - Bogdan was behind all the freecam sessions! There hasn't been a single one after he left lol
  9. Looks like they added blur to the thumbs again, but not so much as last time.
  10. Tonights free-cam color is grey lol
  11. Something happened when I had to leave for work today. It was around 2'ish (after noon). Hanna & Aron were both asleep. Hanna with her butt in the open. Aron woke up and started to help himself while she was sleeping. I didn't get to see what happened 'cause I had to run for work. Did anyone see it? I guess they closed the cam as well, but it looked like they weren't paying attention today. Was just wondering if she woke up screaming or moaning lol
  12. Thx for sharing. A lovely girl. She wasn't all that impressed, looking at her expression. Like, "Was that all?" lol
  13. Looks like free-cam session is over for today, and they've "locked" everything like it used to be, almost. Give us kitchen in B1 and B2 as well pls, then we have some feeling of "reallife" in all apts. Keep the juicy stuff for the subs. And start looking for new tenants, then maybe there's hope lol edit: Spoke too soon lol - they closed everything.
  14. Tonights free-cam session is sponsored by "Watching-People-Sleep Fetish Society" lol
  15. Was watching her doing her workout today, in Fitness room while the cams were open. Has she lost weight? She seemed skinny and thin, not quite what I remembered from when she was at B1. Or maybe it's just the cams and angle at Fitness room.
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