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  1. Starts out pretty wild today - wherever there's a nekkid boob or a butt, show it! lol Guess Joystick himself is back in control of the cams again, or maybe his younger brother. It seems like, in order to open up a cam, another must be closed. It's just weird.
  2. The one playing with the cams today, fell asleep I think and forgot to reset it all. As I post this, there are only 4 apts with freecam, and 6 freecams all together. Ppl coming to the site must think it's either broken or left to die lol
  3. Been an entertaining and interesting day. I believe Joystick's lesbian sister was in charge today, controlling the cams lol Erotic, sensual and beauty sum it up. She went all in, but didn't show too much - relaxing in bedroom, a little touching here and there, showering, sleeping. Nothing planned, no shows, nothing fake - all in the name of voyeurism. I think she did good.
  4. Today it was Joystick's dad who was in control of the cams lol We got to see some of the ladies in the shower and reaxing in bedroom. Been interesting to watch today - finally got to see some rooms I've never seen before, just the blur vision of it.
  5. Not sure this new blur is working, maybe remove 50% of what they added. Like this, they might as well turn them black, or just remove the thumbs lol Anyone know if they ever read our feedback?
  6. I think maybe they have to follow some sort of regulations, and that's why we see so many changes now. They are testing out how to work around it or how to meet the regulations. RLC has been "under the radar" for many years, but have grown every year and maybe now getting more attention. I don't know, just some thoughts. And sorry for my english, but I hope you get what I mean
  7. It's a weird evening at RLC today - most free-cams are down and the blurred thumbs are now double-blurred! lol Again, it looks like Joystick's mother is back in control, running the cams.
  8. Looks like Mr. Joystick's mother got hold of the joystick and closed alot of cams lol And he's grounded 🤣 Edit: An hour later and things are back to normal it seems.
  9. He was gone for a while Mr. Joystick - thought maybe he got the sack. But now he's back, playing with the cams But the 2 rabbits at Masha is maybe too much to ask for lol
  10. Think this rlc dude behind the joystick is MIA today, like Stella & Gina - or maybe they're at the same place lol "There have been reported several situations with naked activity on free-cams" lol And the housesitter at Masha's didn't read the new memo "don't-have-sex-on-freecam", but after a sms they moved to the BR lol 😅🤣😂
  11. Guess this is the new norm on RLC - no boobs or butt on free-cam. The girls at GP was relaxing and dancing in the Fitness room. They all decided to take off their top, and the cam closed. Also see a change at B3, they almost always have clothes on now when making food in kitchen. It's like they're told to behave different when entering free cam areas. I don't know for sure ofc, just guessing. Maybe a new way to get ppl to sign up? Ppl watching something interesting, and then boom! cam closes with the message - only for members. Could work I guess, we'll see. Or there are new regulations they have to live by.
  12. Yes, there are no clear patterns in how it works, it's almost random. But it follows the activity to a certain point. And like you say, if it gets too hot they shut it down. I guess it's a dude sitting there controlling it all, or maybe they're testing out some AI-script lol I don't know Anyway, it's more fun and interesting to watch for a free-loader
  13. Alot of open cams today - it seemed like someone was opening up where the activity was. Had high hopes when Rad went for a bath, but nope lol
  14. Nice to see the twins back. Hope they can talk some sense into Gina 🤨
  15. (A bit out of topic here, sry) I just noticed the "donate" button over at VHTV - would that be something for RLC? And how does it work? Tennants get the "coins" or vhtv, or split? And are the "coins" real money or just a reward system. And if you buy enough coins to donate, you should get a free month(s) I assume? This opens up alot of possibilities.
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