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  1. The RLC early days were way better. People with normal working/college lives. Had healthy sex lives as well. Alina & Anton were one of the best.
  2. Just kids and very immature.
  3. Leora giving it to Leora. Well, that would be different. 🤣
  4. We can all just hope 2020 brings new tenants and more enjoyable times for RLC.
  5. At a really low point and doesn't look like they know or even care to improve it. Just doing the basics to keep a handful of members satisfied and spending their money. Turned a good watchable site into a bad unwatchable waste of time.
  6. Probably one reason less and less are not bothering with the forum. Far too many get so serious and involved with these people's lives.
  7. 14 days with fun and games by the looks of it.
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