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  1. Nice to see an older couple and will be watching them when I can. Anthony is rather sexy too.
  2. Much better and more interesting haha.
  3. Nothing wrong with a quickie if done right and hits the spot
  4. Bogdan has lovely cock and a great body.
  5. Oh I will if idiots like you are part of the chat.
  6. Masha will have more planned I'm sure.
  7. Agree It's a turn-off and find it disgusting.
  8. "His" do female opinions not matter?
  9. Have been reading and not for me I'm afraid. I am more interested in the couples and will express my views in the forum, I'm sure some won't agree and have their own opinions but that's life and what a forum is all about.
  10. Lovely couple but do hope they find somewhere else, can't be nice for either and always good to have your own space.
  11. One of my favourites to watch and have complete package for everything a voyeur loves. Both have so much love and respect for one another and you can tell they enjoy making the other happy.
  12. Lovely girl but another that could do better when it comes to their partner. Love is blind!!
  13. Nice seeing them settle in and getting to know what they enjoy about each other and what annoys them. Like any relationship we all have stuff that we love and hate about our other half.
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