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  1. The weird ones doesn't exactly help this sort of act of watching others, whether it's in secret or not. Think about what your female relatives, friends would think if the read the chat on a daily basis or certain fan pages. Sure the male ones would think exactly the same.
  2. Not surprised one bit that more and more are losing interest. Not only in the sites, but RLCF as well. Surprised more that it's not just the chatters left and a few other obsessed weirdos that occasionally post their weird thoughts and theories.
  3. Them like many others have long moved on. Not a surprise as both the chat and forum has dramatically sunk and doesn't look like rising up anytime soon. Shame because both were enjoyable and worth spending time on.
  4. I agree on that. They wouldn't put on lame ass shows and childish parties which is mostly what the Barcelona apartments are. Just have them in single apartments/houses. They are out there all over the world, just have to put some effort in.
  5. According to certain members that happens when she's out, along with all these guys she's giving mind-blowing sex to.
  6. Some just watch the same old crap so they feel they are getting something for their money.
  7. I would say 2014 for RLCF, but would question where RLC get that they have been going since 2011. The site maybe, but apartments were not viewable until 2012.
  8. When I first joined 2014 both Chat and Forum were busy with both members and guests discussing all different range of topics. With many from all over the world, Chat especially was always busy with male and female of all ages.
  9. Sadly those days are gone and Chat has turned into a complete cesspool. Just dull and meaningless commentary about lets be honest dull people. 15+ hours without a single thing said says it all.
  10. Not really Chat and more like boring and useless commentary. For it to be Chat don't you need more than one person, rather than talking to yourself!
  11. Just shows how bad and lazy they are. Current owners and staff if any clearly like most of their tenants lack any new ideas. By far the worst and most boring period in 8 years of RealLifeCam.
  12. Is there really any enjoyment left to be had on either. Both at one point were worth time but with loss of good and entertaining people, just gone to shit.
  13. The obsession has massively changed, but doesn't surprise me. Some always have to take it that one step further.
  14. RLCF has lost a lot of good members over the years for reasons we will never know. Chat is just daily commentary from quite frankly obsessed boring Aholes. Still some good members trying their best to keep the forum going, but also wondering why they bother. These sites are becoming stale and monotonous which doesn't help either.
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