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  1. Not only the names you can laugh about. Quantity over quality everytime. The quality is diabolical. Recruiting people that don't do shit, when they already have plenty of that. Even the performers are getting worse and more lame. Blatant playing to the cameras, and even talking to them. And yet we are still made to believe we are "spying" on them and they are just living their lives as normal. Yes, ok then.
  2. The man is right. Complete fuck up. Can't get in without going on another topic first, then getting in that way. Couldn't care less about the chat. Be the same boring crap anyway.
  3. No sites are proper "Voyeur sites". So let's knock that bullshit on the head. As for one site being more a porn site than another. Really!!. Both are laughable. Be trying to tell us next that these people are living Real lives. The gullible idiots here are no different from CamCaps, which is probably why some of you don't get on. All trying to get one over on another who knows the most stalking and weird crap. It's no surprise this forum is like a fucking morgue. And what do I think of RLC lately. It's an even bigger staged laugh than it's ever been.
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