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  1. Oh that's certainty. Some will probably know how often they take a shit and get worried if they've not had one in a certain time period. 😂
  2. Merry men lol. That's one way of describing them 😂.
  3. But for some there's a difference between seeing a good fuck, and seeing lame sex just to get views and top up the balance. How often can anyone really say they've witnessed a good fuck. Amount of time most of them have, you would think they would improve. What's it they say 'practice makes perfect' 😂. Less said about the masturbating, the better lol.
  4. Fake tits were just to complete her. One of the most fake and most over-exaggerated out there. Makes Leora look Real. 😂
  5. Masha finally pounces. Talk about stringing something out. 😂
  6. Let's be honest even VHTV is at an all time low. Bunch of wannabe porn stars and over exaggerated cam-lookers. Only reason CC is still going is because the die-hard few that will watch anything, and have no idea what their classified as anymore. Certainly not "Voyeurs" anyway. 😂 Just a surprise the performers are not looking into the cameras for directions. 😂😂
  7. Even more laughable than ever. Seems the new members introduced as just as obsessed and crazy as the others. Amazing what people (grown men) get their knickers in a twist about. Unbelievable. 😂
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