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  1. By a country mile the best and sexiest VHTV has to offer.
  2. Getting paid to lay around looking at technology majority of the time and do very little. You really think they will give a fuck what paying or non-paying think! All about the money. And I'm sure all they names have been used, especially relating to the weird chatters this forum has.
  3. Just a complete show performance and making arses of themselves. One of many that can go in the VHTV bin.
  4. True, but VHTV is not much better. Far too many putting on sex and cam shows, where majority of the time they go nowhere. More and more turning to doing cam shows which we all know most of them are useless at. That is what we have Chaturbate for. Easier being yourself rather than trying to be something your not, probably why they go through so many tenants.
  5. Well that might be the case if just the once, but fact they have done it 3/4 times now. I think not. Best bet and no other reason is probably popularity. Don't see why, there was never that much to see anyway.
  6. Not surprised this topic is dead.
  7. Anyone understand why this couple that visit clearly go and stay over to fuck on camera, then try their hardest to cover up. Makes no sense at all.
  8. Much more interesting in general and sexually. Both give and take and not all one-sided like another lesbian couple.
  9. Not sure what it was like before I joined 2017, but even the two years or so has changed massively from interesting Chat to being boring daily commentary from one or two members. Even not related sites chat looks to be non existent.
  10. No favourite of mine as you well know. If they are the main attraction god help them and viewers. Carla like Leora is full of herself, and because of obsessed fans thinks she's better than she actually is. Stuck-up and up their own ass. VoyeurLife will be no more than over the top, exaggerated porn shows.
  11. Well I'm sick and tired of members talking down to others, trashing others opinions because they think they know better. Members talking shit not only about tenants, but other members as well... Should I go on!!
  12. Owners clearly don't have a clue what the majority of current viewers or new want. The more these sites go on the more they get away from what it's suppose to be about. Even VHtv are losing what their site is suppose to be about (if them or anyone knew) employing Webcamers where most of the time they don't do anything else, apart from their shows. And with useless cam positions, even if it is something you like you have the worse view of it.
  13. Certain mugs would pay extra if body cams were an option.
  14. Doing what's easiest and trying to keep at least one set of viewers happy. Some returns and a average new girl might keep certain members happy, but sooner or later even they will wake up.
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