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  1. These two are grooming Kim really good to be the third leg! I'm thinking soon, she'll get some dick on camera!
  2. Rama is a great manipulator. I find it rather interesting how he has groomed Bonnie into her submissive state of mind. It's understandable how some people are easily pulled in the direction of a monster. Watching Rama, he touches her, rubs her back, hair, feet and entire body. Even when he sleeps there is some form of touching as she sits with her eyes wide open wondering how can she escape. He's very cunning. I've watched him engage her, say things to her that stop her in her tracks. Take his affection away as punishment, not hugs, rubs and touches for days until she falls in line. He
  3. This may come off cruel and I don't want to be mean to these folk, but everytime I see that little one bate (if its that at all), that pussy looks more and more like some silicone manufactured man-tool you can buy from any sex shoppe. I mean, they way that pussy gets abused, vibed, stretched and sucked on, it's got to made of some durable material. JMO
  4. these two have grown on me and I like them both. I know there was a lot of flack thrown at Luc in the beginning because of perceived bias or jealousy and I like how that proved once again to be a BAD view. Although he may not be the most intimate, out of all the men that have been on the sight since I've joined, he's really holding his own and has a woman that gives him respect and treats. I don't know about Kim, but it seems like she's found a comfort zone with them, but I think its them A&L who are actually planning the party with Kim. Either way, it's a very good twist to the site.
  5. There is no love there and she seems stoic and depressed. I don't know about the mother thing and all that shit, could be just more banter than anything else, but not an issue. The main point is that she is trapped with this guy as he mentally fucks with her mind every single day. For example, she no long goes out topless and in panties when A&L are in the house (or I have just not been around to catch it); There conversations are terse and tense and you can see their interaction is more forced when they are around each other, but its not lively and vibrant as in the beginning. She st
  6. You hit the nail on the head. Just pulled the trigger and cancelled my membership. Can't put cash towards an organization that makes this type of behavior a business model.
  7. I obviously have not been around long enough to know the history of these ladies, but what was viewed last night, was nothing short of rape. I do not care if they were paid, friends, johns or whatever the hell these guys were or we may believe it adds up to, the bottom line is these women were raped. Just look at 4 Aug 2020 @18:51:22 Cam 2-2 when Diane's guy walks into the big bedroom where they were previously in the big tub, Olya realizes she is trapped but trys her best to get away. He then proceeds to grab her by her neck, force her to bed and give a bj - she knows that she is in NO pos
  8. Wow, like a real EU B movie out of nowhere, Diane allowed herself and house mates be used and abused. Although, there seemed to be little protest at the time the sex was happening, it was clear that she was NOT enjoying herself and due to being totally intoxicated (if that's what we are to believe) she allowed this horror film to play out. She even went as far as to drag O into the mix and tried her best to include Kim and Milena. Man, I've always admit when I'm wrong and I was certainly wrong about this woman. I just don't know what to say about what I witnessed over the last 24 hours. A
  9. Ok, they just finished a long sex session! Now let's see how long before she masturbates with him right next to her!
  10. he just does not seem to want to have sex and she's bursting at the seams!!! He's afraid of his own juices!!! Julia's brother maybe ????? She starts getting the intimate session going @ 0105 a.m. and he's just totally annoyed / distracted. He's doing everything he can to just ignore her. OMG, this should be good. They finish up, he's get some napkins to wipe her off and she sit's on top of him to be intimate and they are obviously talking. She rolls off SAD and slowly deteriorates to tears. This is sad. She is such a great girl, i fear they won't be around for long.
  11. Kim back at the farm to provide another night of bj for luc! Does she get the cock tonight ? Kim sucked the nut out of the squirrel! Good job kim. Did not think you had it inya!!
  12. How would RLC be inclined to control this in your opinion ? I don't see where they would have that level of control over what's happening at any of these locations. Thinking out loud!
  13. Well, IRL that may be the case and contrary to the name of the site, the format is no longer leaning towards "real life", don't you think? I mean, you accept an offer to be a member in the sex industry show format (there is no shame in that, but its accepted), but then when things kind of lean towards a little out of your normal comfort zone, you freeze up and pull back. That in turn totally changes the atmosphere, interactions and casual nature of the place you live, work and play in. Look at how the two couples interact today, it's almost pathetic to watch as Rama exerts his total control
  14. Oh man, poor Gina. Starting at 00:17:00 @ 7/29/20 in the bed of P&T Cam #9 - Gina looses her guts all over the place and there is a frantic race to clean her up. But it's not just Gina (Taylor in the bed) wakes to Gina gushing her stomach in her direction has to get up and run to throw up everything she's been eating, snorting, smoking and drinking. This is the scary part of over indulgence. Although, we like to see them party and touch and feel on one another, you can't take away the fact that they are humans and sometime this game they are playing is real, to the extent of being inju
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