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  1. If you look at top 8 and compare content to content count just shows how much some have contributed compared to others. Certain members with over 100 pages and others with zilch.
  2. Danny


    Getting paid for doing fuck all most of the time. If you have a sleeping or technology fetish you're quids in. Get yourselves over to VHTV and don't waste your money on Lazy Ass Cam.
  3. Sooner or later they will have to ask if it's ok to go for a shit ffs.
  4. Mr Bullshit getting cocky because he's top of the content count. Shame most of it is rambling crap that no-one cares about. That make-believe Gf must be so proud. And he "wonders" why most here and on CC can't stand him. Lol
  5. If it was down to the Dutchtwat and his crew they wouldn't be allowed out at all. The girls are always fucking when they are out according to some, one or two have even had cum on their ass and panties lol. Wasn't for alcohol or maybe drugs (no proof) most of these shows would never happen.
  6. Worst camera setup ever. Not popular either it looks.
  7. Not many if they are smart. Both useless. Perfect example of someone with the tool but has no idea how to use it.
  8. That's when you know free viewing will soon be no more.
  9. Quite pathetic when you think about it. Shows how smart they really are. Just when you think they can't get any worse, they bring back someone that was about as exciting as watching golf, change his name and think people won't notice.
  10. Need to move on and get apartments in Uk, France, Sweden, Holland, U.S if possible. Older couples and another lesbian couple would help make it more worthwhile.
  11. Looks more Real than most of the stuff you see on "Real Life Cam". Wilma is 1 up on most of the girls when it comes to licking ass and pussy.
  12. Just a bunch of childish kids that don't get what they want. Thinking they have the right to control both RLC and the tenants. Why would any man/woman waste their time getting involved. Just a small majority and no different from other paying members.
  13. I'm sure one or two of the I've done everything and sex god would think they could handle it no problem and be great.
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