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  1. To me, Joanna has similar looks, features and serious looking facial expressions as Kira of Nina and Kira couple.
  2. Personally, I think she needs some cock. I believe Plank is at the front of the queue but Kira is worth sloppy seconds.
  3. To begin with, my belief, is that this site centers around the Chat Room as the main gathering point of getting members together and discussing anything (except politics and religion). Up to 90 to 95% of the chat talk is about RLC and Barca girls. How much regurgitation can anyone stand. No one should control the chat topics plus the use of a moderator or rules for behavior should be enforced. When a group of chatters get together to talk about RLC and Barca ONLY then everyone else is ignored if other topics are up for discussion - AS IF A FUCKING CLOSED DOOR MEETING OR OLD BOYS CLUB IN PROGRE
  4. This is a great example of what I refer to some people as being "FUCKED IN THE HEAD!!!".
  5. Hope they kissed and made up and made out (I always have a thing for lesbians).
  6. Reminds me of "What you talkin' about Willis" - lol.
  7. Wow, the daily bullshit in the Chat Room is on the run. Did dome chatters get tired of their own childish waste of time talk about the girlies? The long-time regular chatters took their bat and ball and left the park. The Chat Room seems to be limited to only a few hours of talk by even less chatters now (huh!!!). Reallifecamfan or discussed or xcamfan long-term members have left the forums and now the chat room. Amazing that this site Admin has done nothing to encourage old and new members to stay and hopefully participate. Absolutely no surveys, questionnaires or request for ideas as to how
  8. This is just not right!!! A real cock will always take offense to a fake cock. Get real girl. If you have to put a bag over a guys face and a blanket over his body with a hole in it for his cock to pop out and then fuck away. You can deal with his cum load any which you want but enjoy the real hot hard cock inside your pussy, ass or mouth. If need be, including lesbians, you can look for and participate with gloryholes this way you only deal with a real cock without knowing who the guy is.
  9. Example of the attempt to do the "snatch". The only thing he did clean was being a jerk or, in other words "the clean and jerk" - lol. Here buddy, watch the girl do the "snatch" clean and correct while lookin' good. https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5dcb5d5f2088e
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