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  1. DRUM ROLL Well, RLC is no longer the #1 preferred voyeur cam site because they lost that prestigious honor to VHTV. Today is the day the Voyeur-house.tv (VHTV) is looked at or searched more often than Reallifecam (RLC). It took VHTV years to get to this point mainly due to RLC's recent failures and middle finger to free cam viewers. RLC still continues it's daily nosedive. Looks really good on them and I suspect that they have lost more regular subscribers than new ones that pay up. REALLIFECAM (RLC) VOYEUR-HOUSE.TV (VHTV)
  2. RLC has definitely lost it's mojo but VHTV is not the greatest either. Competition is good and necessary to keep things new and stimulating for the viewers. RLC has gotten stale, repetitive with no new imagination or ideas to stay #1 and because of this people are giving VHTV a good long look. Porn is okay but can be too much the same so the tease or voyeur type stuff should be a priority but it seems the voyeur sites only think the cam is the answer. The tenants actions is what we look for - sexy clothes, boob flash, half naked, total nudity, a bit of sex but mainly "the tease".
  3. Just a thought about RLC and perhaps reasons why RLC is not being watched or searched as often anymore. Only RLC knows how many subscriptions (short or long term subscriptions) they have but the way the site sucks it is a safe assumption that they have less now. Since RLC eliminated any free cams it is a fact that less viewers are looking in and more than likely not enticed to subscribe to a site not being able to see any samples of the tenants or what RLC has to offer. Now with respect to what impact RLC has had on both camcaps and xcamfan - it has caused a major decrease in members talking about RLC. My observations at both sites is that few RLC subscribers do much talking in the forums or chat box (mostly the same few members on both sites but much less on xcamfan). The RLC talk has died down significantly while VHTV talk is very limited on both sites. So is it because of less subscribers to RLC, RLC and the tenants have become brutal and a waste of time talking about how bad RLC has become, no free cams so members don't have anything to chat about since RLC was their only topic for discussion or just the fact that most members have totally given up on RLC now and even walked away from camcaps and xcamfan temporarily or permanently. So, to me, it is a fact, that RLC has been the major topic of discussions at both camcaps and xcamfan. Other topics are discussed but less often. RLC search or viewing numbers are still nosediviving and no end in sight according to Alexa internet site traffic. After saying all this, how important do you think that both camcaps and xcamfan had or is having on how successful or bad RLC is in terms of new subscriptions to RLC? Is the lack of free cams hurting RLC advertising and possible subscriptions? Is RLC downfall only because of bad tenants? Has the lack of RLC chatter now at both camcaps and xcamfan put a dent in all the free advertising for RLC which possibly caused less people to subscribe to RLC? How do you explain cause and effect? In essence, cause is the thing that makes other things happen. Effect refers to what results. It is the what happened next in the text that results from a preceding cause. To put it concisely, cause is the why something happened and effect is the what happened. In my opinion, RLC caused all this shit to happen. They hurt their bottom line which has also hurt both camcaps and xcamfan. Years ago, the DMCA takedown at both camcaps and xcamfan significantly hurt any free advertising for RLC. My remedy to RLC - putting it politely - WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!
  4. Will RLC give VHTV a handshake or goodbye kiss when VHTV becomes the #1 preferred voyeur cam site? They are so close and RLC keeps losing subscribers/viewers every day. RLC lost it's customer base quite fast and don't know if they will ever recover. Losing long-time subscribers is bad because the newer generation doesn't have time to watch boring tenants (kids nowadays are too busy on their phones, playing video games or no desire to work so can't afford RLC subscriptions). If you look at the numbers - the photo finish will happen tomorrow or the next day. Reallifecam (RLC) Voyeur-house.tv (VHTV)
  5. Both and I tend to badmouth RLC constantly because I really liked RLC when I first got wind of them about 6 or 7 years ago. Back then they were a more "real" "voyeur" cam site in which you had to watch longer before you saw half naked, totally naked or even a bit of sex - BUT this was the real life of tenants. Nowadays it is fake, forced shows or boring "don't want to do or show anything" tenants.
  6. Don't know the numbers in terms of the amount of viewers but currently both sites are almost equal now with respect to how often the sites are looked at or searched on a daily basis (based on Alexa internet site traffic). VHTV has been holding their own (up and down) but RLC has been losing viewers at a fast pace over the last six months and soon VHTV will be the #1 preferred voyeur cam site. In terms of viewers in any given night it depends on time zones across the world for the viewers and if VHTV/RLC tenants are sleeping and inactive. Daily viewing is more accurate to judge. Bottom line - RLC has lost a lot of subscribers and viewers because of their current state with poor tenants.
  7. I made this post/request almost two years ago and what has RLC done - they got fucking worse and on the edge of distinction. What a bunch of useless dumb fucks that won't listen to nice polite caring and lovable people like me. They are giving it to the subscribers right up the ass without any KY Jelly. What kind of useless pieces of shit owners are they? They would sooner shut down the site than have a nice friendly conversation with us peace loving voyeurs on how to improve their site. They are not true businessmen or businesswomen (is that politically correct or what) but instead just money hungry grabbers. Amazing how quickly RLC has fallen from grace.
  8. I read that Nelly & Bogdan had a physical fight. Who was the winner? Any blood? Any makeup sex? Did RLC remove the replay video to protect their integrity - hahaha? Did RLC give Nelly & Bogdan the boot to say they don't condone spousal abuse? How bad has RLC become? Is RLC dying a slow death or a fast demise? Are you still holding your breath for a surprise turnaround? Are you still subscribing to this shit and all the bullshit that the tenants shove in your face? Do the tenants thank you for your money while spitting in your face? Do you feel sorry for RLC and all the tenants? Do you still strongly believe that RLC and the tenants are providing a "real life" experience for your voyeur pleasure? If RLC shutters or closes up shop do you strongly believe that you will get a refund for your paid subscription? Hope you are doing some serious thinking about the direction that RLC is headed towards.
  9. Been sitting on pins and needles waiting for the uptick but the only thing I am getting is a sore ass from getting pricked by the pins and needles. At least it ain't a hard cock giving me a pain in the ass - lol. I think the downfall and locked free cams of RLC has severely affected both camcaps and xcamfan and no end in site. Not many really give a shit about VHTV. Basically, not much to talk about since RLC has and always will be the talk of the town until the last one leaving RLC shuts out the lights. They are b-a-a-a-a-a-d to the bone.
  10. RLC is very close to giving up it's prestigious #1 ranking to VHTV (voyeur-house.tv) within a few days if the trends continue. The last 6 months have been so brutal for RLC that they have more than half the amount of viewers now based on Alexa internet traffic numbers. They use to be at #2,200 to #2,700 for a site being looked at daily but now they are touching #6,000. Lot of subscribers and viewers have given up on RLC or pop in less frequently since their site is pathetic to watch. VHTV has been up and down themselves but RLC has become so bad that they are making VHTV look better and RLC has hurt their own product themselves. The third trend shows how good voyeurhouse.com has been gaining lately and could result in being a very competitive rival to RLC and VHTV. RLC (Reallifecam.com) VHTV (voyeur-house.tv) voyeurhouse.com
  11. Katia apartment on VHTV - good ass pics and I would take the dark haired girl's bigger butt. They go to bed at 5:30 am with the light left on and both wearing masks to cover their eyes. I find this weird especially for young girls but what do I know. Way too much tats on the brown hair girl..
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