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  1. Doin' it right. Some know that the free cams are great for advertising and a good way to tease and temp viewers to subscribe. Some tenants do very little nudity or hide from the cams to the point of wondering if they would hesitate showing or doing much even if you subscribed to see more. It is nice when tenants really understand why they are in front of cams and how to help themselves to get subscribers and make good money.
  2. Well, how much sex does one guy or one woman need? This apartment is full of sex and they need a well deserved break to recharge - lol. With one girl and four guys I am surprised that the guys are not bisexual yet (or are they). This setup does strongly give the appearance that this apartment and VHTV are more porn than voyeurism. The black guys do have nice well toned bodies and nice looking cocks whether soft or hard as a baseball bat - mmmmm (oops, I am getting a bit excited - lol). Okay, I better look for some BBW porn now - haha.
  3. Other than years of making tons of money it is kinda sad that RLC has become her only life. Same daily shows - no real sex other than perhaps some quickies when she is out for a few hours some days. Still, Leora is better looking than most, if not all, of all the other tenants (Martina is a babe too). Would never pay for repetition or boring tenants. Free porn gives me all the variety that I need.
  4. The subscribers are paying for a voyeur site that is nowhere near or even resembles voyeurism. They are paying for a site that provides fake lesbians, fake masturbation porn and fake "real life". At least with VHTV you get some real life, some voyeurism and some actual "real couple" sex. Best thing and cheaper is to just search and watch porn which does provide some voyeur type activities (just gotta look for it - I have become good at it).
  5. Perhaps RLC wants to vary the apartment free cams in an attempt to try and tease more viewers into subscribing - hahaha. Maybe they don't want to be so predictable with their site and free cams anymore. Good luck with that since they are SO predictable in providing a shitty product. Further blurring the locked cams makes it so bad to the point of being totally useless to anyone. The blurry thumbnails creates a blurred vision but has not blurred my overall opinion of their site and the tenants - they are all fucked in the head in the belief that RLC is a voyeur site. I don't know what or who is more laughable - RLC or the subscribers.
  6. I haven't seen Candy Red with her guy anymore or even spending some girl/girl quality time. Is she alone now?
  7. RLC monitors for unauthorized posting of images which caused the DMCA takedown a few years ago so they must read our shit.
  8. Yeah, no point having thumbnails if they are blurred that bad. Obviously RLC is trying/testing different things for their next overhaul. Watch for it. Don't believe any government regulations are the cause of this - just gaping assholes at RLC. No matter me - they suck while the female tenants don't suck cock. On the other hand, damn good suckers are the subscribers - lol.
  9. Damn right, possible coat hangers
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