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  1. Nothing fake about Marla - she is nicely built with huge boobs and nice big curvy ass. Did catch her arguing with Hector which is quite normal behavior for women - ouch - lol. Seeing Marla totally naked is ALWAYS a nice treat. Thanks @cyberleader for the excellent pics and videos of the lovely Marla.
  2. I, personally, don't hate the chatters. What I hate about the Chat is the content being discussed. Every day it is mainly about Realifecam but more particular about the Barca girls. Barca is put on a pedestal and the chatters appear to make them out as something special to follow. The girls do nothing but the chatters highlight and over analyze their little movements. Reallifecam is basically a shit show compared to 4 to 6 years ago but the chatters keep finding themselves hooked on it. Forget about getting a hardon or even a semi - lol. Just my opinion - if the chatters would ease up on
  3. Notice that they are all laughing at this class clown - Baahahaha
  4. Feel free to join in the Chat Room if you want to talk Reallifecam/Barca shit. Amazing how long the Chat Room has pretty much owned or taken over this site. Even members that had participated in the Chat Room and support the chatters are nowhere to be found. Why? The only thing that describes my disbelief in how such few chatters control this site is "WOW".
  5. It is widely understood that the main topic of discussion in the Chat Room by the few xcamfan.com participants is about Reallifecam but mostly the Barca girls. There is not much of anything posted by the Chatters in the Fan pages of the Reallifecam apartments or castles. Any forum posts by the few xcamfan.com participants are usually about everything other than the Reallifecam apartments or fan pages. Any general comments in different topics in the forums of xcamfan.com tend to be negative about the Reallifecam apartments and in particular the Barca tenants. So, obviously neither Cha
  6. FUCKIN' IDIOT DRIVERS, especially those driving trucks. What do double yellow lines mean FFS??? Kill yourself instead of hurting or killing innocent people you fucking assholes!!!
  7. Wouldn't this be a great introduction on a dating site. Wouldn't you want to meet up with this girl?
  8. Good move kid - you got a lot of balls to do this. Oh wait, maybe you lost a pair - hahaha.
  9. After all these years it appears that the Chat Room gang will control the future of this site and by losing a lot of members over the past two years - the future of this site is very questionable. The percentage of new members actually participating often or for any length of time has to be dismal. I just can't make any sense of how the owner/Admin of this site ignores the pleas to improve things or just let it flounder the way it has. It is so obvious how bad this site has deteriorated and IT IS NOT because of the forum postings or us talking negatively about certain things. The chat room dis
  10. I first thought to do a poll to see why members chose to disappear or log into this site less now but no point since hardly any members show up anymore. This topic is done in case some members do log in once in a while and see this forum topic and care to add their two cents worth or opinion. What has become of this site and why very little, if any, participation? Some may say that the negative talk in the forums is the cause. Some may say that the type of childish (simple-minded) Barca chatter and which has become an exclusive club is the cause. Some may say that RLC sucks even worse no
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