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  1. vampire just told me i should be gone because i am a negatif person? what that mean has he the right to through me out? I never been negatif and never been talking bad about anybody RLC tenants or chatroom members.

    Could you find out next time you are in pls.

    1. Danny


      You are never negative lol 

    2. King Hamlet

      King Hamlet

      Lets have a vote and see who the most negative ones are.

      My guess if not top won't be far off it.

  2. Knock, Knock - At the door, John from next door Apartment wants to borrow a cup of sugar. " You may borrow sugar, John, but it is $500 a cup". If you have sex with me and I'll give you the sugar , it is $500. Sounds good to me , NO prostitution involved , just expensive Sugar.
  3. I am very happy to see such an overwhelming response to my post. So good to see 99% of us have the Tenants Privacy and Personal Safety as a priority. Thanks ever so much Fellas for not taking this lightly, We are all on the same page . Cheers texl01
  4. It has been drawn to the Moderator's attention sensitive information is being Posted. ie - locations of Tenants Apartments in public forum for every PREDATOR to see. Posting of such is a Permanent Ban from this site. It endangers the personal safety of Tenants, an intrusion on their privacy and may have very serious consequences if acted upon by any of the Trolls, Lurkers and Stalkers who are hoping to find such info. It may cause the Apartment to be Shut down for Tenants Safety. PLEASE exercise some responsibility and thought to what Posts may gravitate into , in the wrong hands. Thanks Chatters for your attention texl01 Chat Moderator
  5. It seems as if Clara has left the Project . I wonder if Jeka will get someone to replace her or have to leave the Apartment ?
  6. StnCld316 , PoeBoy , nice quick responses - Poe LOL , and Stn I need glasses as I can't see the end of my dick , keeps dragging on the ground LOL
  7. I fail to see the rationale of some members to not state their gender, Either you are Male or Female. ( All in between accepted) What answer is "Not saying, Guess, left blank or Private ?? Any answers are welcome to the question.
  8. Oh Dear , Mira you had a Grand Mal Seizure and need to see your Doctor if this has not happened before. If your are familiar with the occurrence of, this as you know, you need to get your levels checked .
  9. The flashing lights are a problem, but best to let VHTV know and they may resolve it. Misty loves her new man's stamina , however she absolutely loves her New toy and for nearly 24 hrs straight has worshiped it NON- STOP . Really unbelievable the stamina and libido she has. I've never seen anything like it. She even slips the head of her Hitachi toy in her vagina at times - OMG incredible girl.
  10. B1 & B2 have been accepted , long ago as the 2 Barcelona apartments. I suggest the new B1 still be fondly know as B1. As for the other R's V's C's , adds to confusion and new members have no idea about the Acronym or meaning. It has been taken too far by lazy typists. ( Shall we call Masha and Sasha MS1 and Maya and Stepan MS 2 ) Get real some of you Fellas .
  11. I would say has gone to stay with her female friend , and lash out with her so there are NO Cams to see them in action, Damn shame . They have been so hungry to be intimate but shy on the Cams .
  12. Plank I think Serena knew full and well Alan was available and she purposely pissed the guy off home so she could "play" , I noticed she felt his Package thru his trousers and after that it was all down hill for him - LOL .
  13. All good my friends, I guess We are all on the same page- . I saw Henry and Mira in the bath together , checking out 'potential' friends, I suppose they all have their Bio's and know what to expect when choosing . Lets hope Mira has a say as I agree she has been missing out lately - lol.
  14. That Couple has been at Mira's before, and all had a good Fucking night after the card game. Nice to have friends over , a meal , cards , and just enjoy the Social Intercourse for a change. Voyeurism is the expectation of what may culminate , it is different to the so, so predictable Porn . Come on Fellas, or Voyeurs, be nice .
  15. Wot us texl01... long time no see

    1. texl01


      Gidday Nick, I have been  about in moderation , I must admit,  I guess the time differences are opposite. A little respite does one good to 'refresh. :)

    2. Nickrivers


      True that...

      Time differences do play a part.  When I get time to look, everyone's in bed...asleep and that's no fun.  Be good!


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