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  1. Ultimately it is indeed kind of sad … that you’d do this for a couple of months or a year for some extra cash is more than fine but I think she is so used to this lifestyle and benefits , I guess , that she does not know anything else. What in gods name happened to her “real” relationship with Paul ? Nice to cut off that to pursue an “act” where you may Hoover over another girls HOOHAA and receive the same kind of “airnillingus” … well , I hope it is worth it. maybe she is like a chimp born in captivity. If you let them free , they won’t go because they are afraid of the freedom.
  2. Maybe it sounds a bit funny to the RLC technicians , but showing the cams with the increased blur , does not give anyone an idea of what’s going on. And probably NO ONE will subscribe based on those blurry inages. You think you are looking at a blurred ass , but you are really looking at the couch with a light coloured rug on it or the other way around. I cannot see the benefit of this. The whole blurred thing is a question mark for me , if you don’t have video and just pictures that refresh once in a minute , it should be enough , just throw out the blurry shit altogether!
  3. Yesssss !! Exactly ! Happy to see that others also see it as a bit “creepy” that some people seem to know all about them or want to know all about them. I come in the first place to see some “reallife” cam action , whether it is some cooking , washing , talking … you know , just living a life and not for the semi pro pornstar wannabe’s that I can see on every random cam site. The only difference here is that you don’t have direct interaction with the broadcasters but they seem to do everything to keep viewers glued to their cams just like the “pro” cam girls.
  4. I was just wondering why so many chatters do seem to be all over the Barca vacation apartments as they have nothing to do with “reallife” cams. Just a bunch of loose girls that do it with everything with a pulse. That in sharp contrast of Mirukawa and Dantez where it is not sure if any of those two even have a pulse but that is another story. There are some apartments that are more in the voyeur corner but they look less popular , at least in the chat.
  5. They are long gone now so I can ask I guess …. what in gods name was wrong with them ?? I think they were never sober but also it looked like they were on crack or something, especially before / during sex. That never looked nice or remotely interesting but always awkward and on the edge of an anurism. And with things they needed to do to each other but never really felt comfortable with … people who saw it know what I mean. That sneaking into the only closet or room without cams , one after another , several times during a night did give some stuff to think about. Maybe I got “louder with some powder” One of the weirdest couples ever on show and although there was always something to look at , I do not miss them at all.
  6. I think I missed a couple of steps but when did Martina go from scared of showing a nipple to “inspecting landing strips” ?? And what is Alberto’s role in this ? He seems to be left out of threesome action because he leaves when she is getting nibbled on or she is looking for it in the vacation apartments.
  7. It happened !!! They can shut off the internet… it happened some days ago but I had to process it , took some good nights of sleep , talked with a professional about it but here it comes .. They showed *insert drums* …… emotions toward each other !!! M was laughing , D was looking bored and like he didn’t understand what was happening but he also showed signs of an emotion , not sure what kind but I think there was a glimpse of happiness there. Never thought we would see something crazy like that , it was nice to see something else than a grumpy face on M and something more than a “mmm I hope I do not shit my pants while looking like Forrest Gump” face of D. Other than that .. I Love the lazy dog
  8. Shocking to see all the modifications / “upgrades” those girls think they need. Or maybe I am wrong and it is a non cosmetical procedure … but hey … it is Kitty. The only thing that is really broken and needs to be fixed is her rotten personality but I guess there is nobody who wants to start on that. still curious to see how this works out and if this thing does not fuck up her whole face. by the way … Manly haircolour Smith 😳🤦‍♂️
  9. What happened there ? tv gone , Xbox gone , Linda and Tibor gone for most of the day. Are they leaving ? she did seem overly happy when looking at her phone lately , smiling , plucking her hair ( constantly !!!!!! 😔 ) either she was chatting with other men behind Tibor’s back , which is kind of sad , OR enjoying herself a bit too much when making selfies which is a another level of sad.. she really should lay down that phone for a couple of minutes to start with.
  10. I would love to welcome back some of the more REAL voyeur couples instead of the semi pro porn stars. Carla and Yanai come to my mind , they were living A REAL LIFE in front of the cam. Even some of the older Russian couples were WAY better than the “shows” that we see now in the party/vacation apartments.
  11. I have to say that this apartment is not the most exciting one. Not much luck here. Do they have ANY emotions ? They both have just one single expression on their face and that screams BORED or “i don’t give a shit” and they seem to live separate lives and have no interest in one another or whatsoever
  12. So … you are actually saying that Masha is NOT a Smurf ??
  13. Well … at least it is more “real life” than the party apartments where it is all show and such. even if this is an apartment that we could do without , I rather watch this than the apartments where it is so obvious they think like : let’s walk around naked and do a lot of drunken stuff so we can stay on a paid vacation as long as we can or the “leora and Malia fake lesbian masturbation dinner show” that is on every night from 21:00 where you see them thinking , “is it beaver touching time again?? Ugh … but it pays my stay so let’s get on with it” I came to RLC to see real life cams , most of them don’t fit that profile anymore and are more like semi porn actors put in one house together and just let’s see what happens
  14. MC Tibor in tha house !! I really don’t see him like the “gangsta” that he is trying to be but anyway , does this sound a bit ok in chech or does it sound as bad as it does for other countries?
  15. Are they still there ?? 🤭 Kidding aside , it is a re-run of steps day after day. To be honest , Leora did not do it for me anyway because she is just a theatre show , a bad one that plays on for month after month without any form of variety. I do not say that Paul was top of the bill but without him there is not much “Real Life” left in her. She used to be the so called “queen of RLC” but that is loooooooong gone. They both look like girls who like the money and stuff ( read food , ‘cause damn those hips are growing !! ) they get and do just barely enough to maintain that. time for new blood , new people and please , no more scripted “I need to show my pussy this way , another position , now for the other viewers on my knees , touch my titties for 5 minutes , fake lesbian stuff ( for an extra buck or two ) and then show is over” stuff.
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