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  1. MC Tibor in tha house !! I really don’t see him like the “gangsta” that he is trying to be but anyway , does this sound a bit ok in chech or does it sound as bad as it does for other countries?
  2. Are they still there ?? 🤭 Kidding aside , it is a re-run of steps day after day. To be honest , Leora did not do it for me anyway because she is just a theatre show , a bad one that plays on for month after month without any form of variety. I do not say that Paul was top of the bill but without him there is not much “Real Life” left in her. She used to be the so called “queen of RLC” but that is loooooooong gone. They both look like girls who like the money and stuff ( read food , ‘cause damn those hips are growing !! ) they get and do just barely enough to maintain that. time for n
  3. Lately , Kitty talks like she is discussing and solving world problems , but I think it is not more than “who called who” or “should I wipe from front to back or from back to front. unfortunately I cannot understand one word of their conversation.
  4. Nice , normal couple , not much show , not much crazy stuff but fun to watch their Real life. only one thing ... Martina .. wearing socks with flip flops ? Definitely a no-go !!
  5. Welcome ! let’s hope there is more life in them than the last tennants.
  6. Could not say I’m going to miss them. Strange couple , “hiding” in the bedroom for most of the time. I’ve got the feeling that they hated every minute of their stay. anyway , bye bye , and let’s hope RLC does a little better screening for the next couple.
  7. Are they allowed to come out of the bedroom or are they in quarantine there? It sure feels like they spend an awful lot of time there to do their normal daily stuff.
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