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  1. I see that Kate, (previously or & Viki), has been a recent visitor. 'OK,now what? We're supposed to be entertaining them'
  2. 2/2. Maddy was sleeping off the previous night,meanwhile....
  3. Two parts.1/2 The couple pictured above have been staying for a few weeks,there have been plenty of same room sessions,but it's never strayed over the boundaries. This night they were all playing a board game that had dares involved. The session ended with a general free for all,other guy opted out?
  4. The blonde friend who has been visiting.
  5. Wot no post's? At least she makes an effort.
  6. 2/3 Cam dude has left and Anna is talking to blonde woman in the lounge.
  7. They have returned at last & a nice opening night with A & A in attendance. Split into 3 lumps to make it easier for me. 1/3 Photo session with blonde woman & a guy. There was a game of cards here,I cut it out. Looked to me that Jen lost the game? Brad first. Alex And cam dude gets a nibble.
  8. A continuation on Cyber's post above. Damn it, I was this close & he stopped !
  9. Hair Update. N & K are now sleeping in the 'Guest Bedroom'.
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