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  1. @Alittle Never did pull her punches, and god help you if you locked horns with the Queen of RLCF. 😂
  2. Ok so some of the video-shoot was covered,but what about the rest? 1 of 4 lumps.
  3. The participants locations vary from asleep in bed. Lazing or asleep in lounge area. They could be found lazing or sleeping on a day bed in kitchen if there is enough space. Beware of the sneaky snooze in a spare bedroom. If they are not asleep or lazing they can usually be found smoking in the Loggia areas. When not asleep the participants can be found glued to their mobile phones/laptops/PC's. Their activity of choice is binge watching tv shows via various streaming services. A popular choice for the hard of thinking or mortally stoned is cartoons. They graze on take-away foods in various parts of their apartments, this activity is not restricted to traditional areas such as a kitchen or dining area. Sometimes participants can be found engaged in the mating ritual or copulation. Unlike other animals who mate for procreation, these humans mate for fun & cash. A few of the participants will also stray way from their partner and shag anything that moves. This can happen when participants leave their apartment to visit other participants apartments,although not always. Again the location of said shagging is not restricted to traditional areas such as a bedroom, but can take place anywhere. Of course we are lucky to be able to watch these behaviours thanks to the numerous,(not very well) hidden cameras.
  4. Two parts, 1/2. Hi there!
  5. Hello perverts weirdos good peoples of xcamfan VHtv section. Times have been tough throughout & following the china virus the wuh-flu the pandemic. Many people have had their lives turned upside down & incomes have taken a massive hit. So I am grovelling on bended knees asking for your help. To ensure that the VHtv section of this forum continues to show you juicy pervery without you freeloading bastards having to buy a subscription. I urge you all to look into your arse hearts and spare what you can towards Plank's pocket fundraiser. I swear I will use your cash wisely by investing in state of the art booze & class A narcotics the future of our glorious forum. Thank you very much. *Use Promo code 'Piss Take' for 0% off.*
  6. Remember this girl, one of the photo-shoot models from Agnia's place? Well she turned up at Sunny's place. Liberal application of the lube..... .....before a bit of anal. I don't think she was really into that,so on to some vag. He did a great job & she cums hard. Happy families.
  7. Like I said, taking the piss.
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