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  1. Now that is a beautiful woman. Makes the ones on RLC look like dogs.
  2. Always get that especially when it's dire. Something which some think is fantastic, all of a sudden back to the best. Sounds like someone finally stepped up. Judging by the replay, it was Radislava and Mila.
  3. English speaking would have advantages and disadvantages. But guaranteed you would have more leaving or going elsewhere when they did not want viewers knowing what they were talking about. Certain stuff is none of our business.
  4. Crackpots on both forums. Can't just let it play out and see how it goes. Anything off camera, unrelated to RLC is just weird. Pay money so have the right to know and hear everything!!!!! Get yourselves to fuck. NOT RIGHT IN THE HEAD.
  5. Now they look worthy of eating. Pmsl
  6. Owners are just as predictable as the performers. Have to be thick as pig shit to pay for what is currently on offer. Pmsl
  7. The "Queen" not taken her show to the next level yet. Keeping her die-hard fans on tenterhooks. Pmsl
  8. Judging by posters on both forums. It's definitely older suckers that are keeping the site going. More money than sense.
  9. Best to ask in the Chat or over at CamCaps. They love that sort of thing. If you are lucky, maybe even get the address. Pmsl
  10. See the Twins have returned once again. The barrel bottom must really be gone now.
  11. World is full of them. Mad shaggers, know everything, and anything anymore has done, they have done it ten times better. Pmsl
  12. An absolute joke that RLC can not find new tenants. No real surprise the site has become tedious and unwatchable.
  13. Probably equal. Been happening on sites for years. No idea how to make themselves orgasm, so they fake it. Some suckers will believe anything.
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