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  1. where is the great chief?😊

  2. Wonderful to see Gina back. Can a visit from the Twins be far behind!
  3. She's back, she's back! Let the Bells Ring Out And the Banner's Fly, I know it's too Good to be True But she is Back, Irma is back!
  4. Welcome Nelly and Bog. I realize it is a stretch but I hope you connect with some of the others ie have Masha over from Rome to visit you, or Lana and Robert. Perhaps you will even make friends with some of the girls from BarcaLand and throw some of your parties. Looking forward to your (hopefully) 3 month stay.
  5. Well if that is Pasha back and they have patched things up, this might make Masha a whole lot happier.
  6. Not understanding the language makes it difficult at times to know what to think. To me, Masha appears to be a bit lost in this current situation. We no longer see her creating art work. Occasionally we see/hear her on the guitar but she really appears to be drifting at the moment. She had a circle of friends before the split up. She needs to host a party or something to bring some life back to that apt.
  7. Welcome Nelly and Bog. Great to see you have arrived at Couples VaCa. Doubt there will be any foursomes. Not their style (at least in the past) but looking forward to maybe a few social gatherings.
  8. Welcome Nelly and The Bog. Great to see you have made it to the Couples VaCa apt. Looking forward to your stay.
  9. PoeBoy, re the pictures and videos, Real Life Cam decided about 18 months ago that RLCF and CC members posting videos, etc from RLC had gotten out of hand. Too much was ending up on porn sites. RLC got injunctions against RLCF and CC that shut them down until they agreed to remove all the RLC photos and videos from their sites. There was the threat if RLCF and CC did not keep the postings under control, RLC would go to whomever governs these things and get RLC and CC closed down on a permanent basis. That is what I recall of the dispute.
  10. Welcome back Leora, I am glad you found your way to the former Donna/Steve apt. I simply hope that you have left the dog (the real one and Paul) behind you. Look forward to whatever you add to the Project. I believe you are located in Prague now. At least that brings you an hour or two closer to the west coast!
  11. Yanai has stamina that would put Sasha and Dick to shame! that guy is a human piston when he gets going! 😊
  12. Tom and Roza, welcome and looking forward to an entertaining stay.
  13. Well, Inna is outta, now! LOL. I do not think I even ever saw her in the 3 days she was supposed to be here. From others I heard that she would come home, change clothes and then be off again. Inna, should you ever return, be sure to have RLC give you a 'new' name, otherwise Chatters/viewers will avoid you.
  14. Well another night of smoking, dancing and kissing. I must say, the brief glimpse you got when the girl friend changed into her night tshirt, she has a rack! LOL Another interesting drama to follow.
  15. Well I will miss the Kitty Fits, they were fun to watch. And the Fits lasted a lot longer than Smith could keep his dick hard. Best of fortune Kitty.
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