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Dear problem page,

Can you help me please.

My girl upped and left on Sunday and I don't know what to do.

You see: None of the people that I keep tabs with throw any decent parties anymore.

All the other girls in the neighbourhood are just prick teasers and the ones that I do like have been mixing with the wrong people ( think about it )

Most of the other guys around here are more well endowed than I am and even my mate my mate Smithy's got more staying power than I have.

Worst of all, the local fat blokes been getting more pussy than I have.

I'm at my wits end, what should I do?


Its never as bad as you think it is ( Oh, and there is only one " e " in the word be ) ;D



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Dear Gironimo,

Of course you miss your girl, by all accounts a true party animal and always ready to have sex with girls and boys and inanimate objects.    But a handsome well-set up intellectual like yourself must know that a new heroine will appear in your life - you just have to wait a while.

It is only natural that people from the South West UK would have envy of others from better endowed parts.        I recommend this useful tip from Alex Snapper's handy guide to success for fat blokes, Achieving Threesomes With A Small Penis: "always go for the oldest one with the saggiest tits and hope she's got a busting friend".




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