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Keeping the apartements tidy


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I posted on the forum not too long ago that Linda keeps the apartment very tidy and even after a big meal in the kitchen it isn't long before it is spick and span again,

I seems funny because I have suddenly noticed a few more apartments have had a tidy up, I also posted that Desiree and Raul's apartment was getting to look a mess, I saw Desiree tidying up  and today it went offline for a while, when it came back on it was looking a lot better.

This made me wonder if RLC had also noticed how the apartments were looking and sent them all a bit of a reminder.

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Col1948 you are onto something.

Subs are down,

Some in Chat are refusing to click on B1 and B2

Postings to Forum are a shadow of their normal volumes

Competitive sites are claiming our attention with good cameras and loads of sex

Panic is setting in at RLC management and Mr Big has called for action to kick start some interest.  

A 3 point plan has been agreed and part one  is already underway:

    Tidy up - a clean apartment is a sexy apartment.

Still to come:

    Alcohol and other stimulants leave tenants too tired for fun - now banned.

    Visitors provide a constant source of annoyance to viewers - now banned.

Some argued this might make things even more dull than the past few months, but this new clean-living regimen should lead to brighter more energetic tenants more determined than ever to enjoy themselves with jigsaws, roller boards and fun games.   




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