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Considering Subbing, Question


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Hey everybody, I've been checking out RLC, VV, Watchme247, and VH.tv and am considering getting a sub for voyeurhouse.tv, but I have a question.

My kink is farting and while I understand that's not most people's thing, does anybody have any experience of the girls farting on cam? Or do they run off to a cameraless room/outside or let it out silent or something? This would fill a voyueristic void for me, as I do not like farts while peeing/pooping which is all you can find for voyeur stuff on the internet, as opposed to farting when just watching tv or something. Just wondering if I should save my $ or not.

Also, does the 24 hr timeline work on vh.tv? That would help me greatly with my schedule.  If anyone can help, thanks.

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Not something I have heard on any sites.. Apart from maybe Lazy Lev or Dumbass Paul, it's not like there going to lift a leg in the air and just let it blast out.

Personally don't waste your money.. Good Luck with your quest.

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Cool, not looking for any theatrics or nothing. Right now, my favorite thing is the Big Brother live feeds. There's usually one girl a season who rips a few.  It's the kind of thing I'll sit though hours to find so thanks, I'll just stick to the free cams for now then.

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