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I realise that this a contentious subject which caused a real furore the back end of last year and is still relevant now, judging by the amount that it is mentioned in current posts/comments, but I'm not sure what the problem is with the minor use of certain "additives" if it helps some people to come out of themselves temporarily.

I'm not advocating the use of drugs, never touched them myself - unless you count copious amounts of alcohol when I was younger or a forty a day tobacco habit - but, for a lot of people, drug use is part of real life.

A lot of people complain endlessly about the lack of "action" in the barca apartments recently and how the likes of Belle, Stella etc. haven't been the same the second time around. Lets not forget that they weren't much cop the first time around until those hot summer nights last year when chemical assistance was used. The same goes for Megan, Rebecca, caroline etc.

It was/is perfectly clear that none of them are addicts and its not as if they were giving a bad example to a young audience was it. 

Complain when they go out, complain when they stay in and do nothing. Complain that some of them smoke too much, complain that some of them drink to much. complain, when stuff does happen, that they must be taking something.

Too much analysing is bad for you.

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