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I knew what you meant slider and I agree.  You can't replace someone like her. When she does go I hope she will be happy. She deserves it, but I still would rather see another guy/girl move in with her. I'm looking forward to Neanderthal leaving. He won't be missed.

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ALMA  seems to be kind , horny and still very pretty even though she gained a few kilos. I believe her weight gain is due to depression ;  This morning Freekie told her that the apartment stinks, but he's not going to clean it up. The reason it stinks is due to Freekie (Goon Head) eating, crapping and masturbating all day. He is supposed to start a new job as a model in a few weeks..................in my opinion the only place he could model would be in a "Gay Men's Weekly " magazine.

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  Well, that's what he has been telling his friend and doing it with ALMA sitting right there listening.


  whether it's true or not, I don't know . He said that he had sent a few fotos of himself to some


  agency looking for male models and they accepted him.  Possibly just another lie to try and make

  ALMA jealous..............................or maybe with his warped brain, actually thinks he is an Adonis

  and the answer to every woman's dreams.  We'll soon see ! 

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