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two girls in the same room/bed


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As soon as 2 girls live together in one room whether nothing happens, like the twins or Roxy and Asty or it ends up in a fight like with Nicole (girls sometimes need privacy even sisters or twins), and Nicoles fight was about privacy.


I would suggest that even if it is a good idea to have friends coming together for vacation, each one should have her own room. Thus first she can lock away if she is angry, she can sleep whilst the other parties, and last but not least when the girl has some intimate situation, where she needs to be alone, she will not get interrupted by her friend/sister. With Bea and Neia, we are lucky because Neia stays outside the apartment most of the time, but it is the same problem as soon as both girls are in the room/apartment.


Infact, this would have another advantage, we could at least identify the girls by their artist name because its on her roomlist. Like I still don’t know which is which of the Twins and also Rowy and Asty, in fact i am even not sure about Bea and Neia.


Now in the new House you have 2 rooms which are very big with one or 2 beds inside. I would suggest some partition walls like those: https://www.leroymerlin.fr/v3/p/produits/cloison-amovible-osaka-medium-divers-resineux-et-feuillus-noir-e1500563636 which are easy to install and remove. For the twins you might have to add a second bed which i am sure is not a problem.


You have to understand, those girls are not lesbian and even not bi-sexual for most of them, they are heterosexual and their phantasies are about men not about other women.

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