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zzak, this is us


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RLC PARANOIA...:blink:

concerning the exteriors of the apt GIV 7-girls, visible with the cameras.

THE APARTEMENT CLOSED BY RLC,no, just shutters and various curtains.

CAM 1-1 + 1-3 + 1-5 pane, closed on December 30, 2017 at 21:23 by karol, never reopened (apparently blocked by RLC, Belle tried to reopen them, unsuccessful on January 4, 2018 at 11:17 am thanks tamani, it is with, your remark in the chatbox that I could capture it)

CAM 2-1 + 2-2 + 2-3 curtain permanently closed

CAM 2-5 only the left curtain is closed to prevent outside vision by this camera, the other part of the curtain is open, otherwise there will not be much light, since the other curtain of the room to twins sleep is permanently closed (2-1 + 2-2 + 2-3 cam)

CAM 2-6 + 2-7 the 2 curtains closed (cam 2-6 twins have opened 1 curtain, the one on the right, half on December 30 2017 at 14h11m40s, that's where I saw people on the path in front at 14h31m30s), since the 2 curtains closed in permanence

CAM 2-9 curtain half closed while it was open totally 10 days ago

thanks to @tamani who inspired me this post 8)

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You do not like my post (see ur like for TBird97 post in neia section), free to you but do not play this game of the legitimate question with me.
It's nothing but a disguised mockery, but it's funny, I like
And you will notice that I have never insulted anyone, unlike any other
I even had a notification from you on my CC account, which I do not use, just to browse the CC site and read the comments therein
CC = CamCaps as I see you have problems with some acronyms
But I will always be at your disposal for a question from you, I always answer to those who like me as well as to others

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zzak, I am at a total loss to explain how such a simple question could cause such bitterness
and resentment from you. You used a term I didn't understand. I simply asked you for the
meaning of that term, so I could understand. That's it. That's all. I wasn't playing games. I
wasn't being funny. I wasn't mocking you. I wasn't being a smartass or any other label you
could put on it, except "simple question". That's all.

If @StnCld316or @Admin had used the same term in a post, I would have asked them the
same question. And you know what? Even if they thought I was playing around or trying to
be funny, they would have answered the question the first time I asked it.

As for liking Tbird's post, I had to go look it up. I didn't even remember it. Here is his entire


, man. This is just like the soap operas. You and I have different tastes, just like everyone else. RLC couldn't care less what you think. They just want your money and they'll do as they please when it comes to the women they recruit and where to put them.  We've put up with a lot of lazy couples, unattractive women, some of them using drugs or alcohol, some who seem bat-shit crazy. RLC keeps recycling women like Nicole, Belle and Gina and there's not a thing we can do about it. As they say in New Orleans," Let the good times roll" and take the good with the bad."

As you can see, almost all the words in this post are a rant against RLC. That's why I gave
him the "like". I had to read it twice to notice that he even mentioned you. And, all he
said was you had different tastes. So what? Everyone has different tastes, as he also said.
Four little words, "you have different tastes," out of a 100 or more and that's why you thought
I liked his post. It wasn't about you, at all. It was completely and only about RLC.

As for never insulting anyone, you've insulted me at least three times, just in your second
post. You claimed I was playing games, which isn't true. You claimed I was mocking you,
which also isn't true. Since those claims are not true, that's two insults. By making those
untrue claims, you called me a liar twice. So, I guess you insulted me four times.

I don't know what your CC userid is, but since you only use it to read the comments, how
could you have received a notification from me? Notifications from another user only come
from "quotes" and "likes" of what's posted. I don't know why it was significant that you
mentioned that in your post, but...

Which brings me back to my original, simple question. What does GIV stand for? Thank

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I quote you "I do not know what your CC userid is"
So you are a liar (here with a copy of CC screen proving the opposite)
And I will stop here, my demonstration with you, lest you have forgotten everything tomorrow >:D

(Image Content No Longer Available)

Edited by StnCld316
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zzak, I have to say, you are one very strange character. Let me ask you, do you remember what
you had for breakfast yesterday or three days ago or last Tuesday? Do you remember every post
you publish and where you posted it? Chances are, that's a resounding, "No".

I can honestly and 100% truthfully say that the first and only place I had seen your userid, was on
RLCF. I only mentioned you in that CC post because I had seen what you said about Bea on RLCF.
I had no Earthly clue that you had a CC userid or that it was the same as your RLCF userid. I didn't
know if you'd get a notification or not. I hoped there was some sort of connection/crossover between
the two sites, but I wasn't sure.

So, I didn't lie. In fact, I never knowingly lie about anything...ever. It's just too much damn trouble. I
simply didn't have enough information to know 1) that you even had a CC ID and 2) that it was the
same as your RLCF ID.

It's interesting that out of everything I wrote to you, the only thing you took away from it all, was
something you thought would be negative about me. And then, you added a couple of insults.
You know, it's really not very nice to go around insulting people. For someone who claims to never
insult anyone, you sure do it a lot.

What does GIV stand for?

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On 1/11/2018 at 7:20 PM, zzakary said:

Do you know what is called having a photographic memory?
It does not work for breakfast,ok ok next
Regarding CC, I do not believe you all this is very convoluted as an explanation,but you find one,its the essential
I admit to being in a hurry about your writing,i m a bit lazy,but I've read everything.
Regarding insults, you have taken the word as it suits you, anyway, you often take what you suits you,its very practicle,I just wanted to refernce about grossness, which often occurs between two human beings via for example tweeter or RLCF forum or chatbox, like many members that you frequent on RCLF via your chatbox2 club.
I already had the pleasure of chatting with some specimen of this club, it is certain the degree of grossness of their parts, has nothing to do with our friendly discourse, even if you are sure that I insult you,my feelings are not the same,i say maybe hurtfull it much appropriate in you re case but you re a big boy..or girl
I never knowingly lie about anything, how can you say such a thing,stay humble please
Lastly, considering your degree of perseverance and the fact you are able to find the answer by itself and as I am not admin of the site, nor the flashing skull
I will not answer your sneaky question
And I would say that like RLC, a little frustration does not hurt anyone >:D


Actually, I do know what a photographic memory is and an eidetic memory, too. Here's
a dictionary definition of the first.

photographic memory - the ability to remember information or visual images in great detail.

I'd say that includes breakfast.

"Regarding CC, I do not believe you all this is very convoluted as an explanation"

What's so convoluted about, "I didn't know you had a CC ID" and "that it was the same
as your RLCF ID?" I also said I mentioned you in that post because it was about Bea
and I knew you liked Bea a lot. Seems easy enough to understand.

"I admit to being in a hurry about your writing, m a bit lazy, but I've read everything."

I'm not sure why you said that, but with my writing, it's better if you slow down and
read it completely. It could mean more that way.

"Regarding insults, you have taken the word as it suits you"

That, actually, isn't true. I took the word as it's defined in the dictionary.

insult - a disrespectful or scornfully abusive remark or action.

So, calling me a liar when it isn't true, becomes an insult. Maligning my memory is
also an insult. Accusing me of doing things I didn't do are also insults.

"like many members that you frequent on RCLF via your chatbox2 club."

I don't know why you believe this. As you can see from my posts, I'm very new to
RLCF. The only member I have frequented is you. I only have 17 posts and almost
all of those have been with you. I've never posted anything in either the chatbox or
chatbox2. I've never even spoken to anyone in chatbox2, except the owner and
that was via one PM when he first invited me to join. How do you come up with
stuff like this?

"I never knowingly lie about anything, how can you say such a thing"

I can say this in all humility and with a clear conscience because it is gospel truth.
I do a lot of checking and researching of subjects, words, etc., for example, before I
speak or write about them, just to make sure I'm passing along truth and not hearsay.
But, zzak, I can't force you to believe anything, even if it's truth staring you in the face.
Even if you're the only one who doesn't believe. That's entirely up to you.

So, zzak, when I tell you I'm not being sneaky, I'm not making fun of you, I'm not playing
games, I'm not mocking you or anything else you want to say about my tiny, little
simple question, I say it in all sincerity and with a totally clear conscience.

You could say I'm a bit persistent. I believe that's how you find the hard answers. Or,
in this case, even the simple ones. But, suppose you gave up 20 minutes before you
found the cure for all cancers in the world. Or take Thomas Edison, for example. The
story goes that he tried 1000 gases before he found the right one for his light bulb.
Now, what if he got so frustrated one day, said it was an impossible task and gave
up at 999. The world might be a very different place.

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