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Carrying RLC


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Not one special one. Although at the current time probably most are watching D&E, I think a lot of people also watch I&M and A&A . Many like Maya, but other than that I don't think many pay attention to the rest. I sometimes stop by but don't watch them long. What interest is there watching someone sit at the computer and play games?

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You really cannot answer that question truthfully unless you had a list of every paying member of RLC and had them all vote on their favorite couple (which would be difficult for some members, who could be torn between two or more couples)...and favorites can change over time as new couples come aboard (i.e. D&E) and older couples become uninteresting to watch (i.e. I&M - until there's something interesting to watch like them having sex or Isabel lounging with her legs open and giving us that famous bat signal, their big fight like yesterday or because there isn't anything else going on with any other couple).

RLC could best answer this question by putting it to a vote or by reforming their membership fees. For example, instead of paying one fee of $30 per month to watch all couples, they could divide the fee between all couples ($5.00 each) and allow members to pick which couples they want to watch.  The couple earning the most money would be the most accurate way that I can think of to determine which couple is carrying RLC.

Someone could just write RLC and ask them, and they may or may not reply with an answer or not reply at all.

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