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Katya nude - shower and shave

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Please get rid of this couple , it's a waste of time looking at there apartment. All he does is play video games all freaking day while not paying any attention to Katya. If they ever ever have sex it's under the covers and it's 5min. tops. Does Ruslan ever shower ? Ruslan is a loser. Please RLC replace this couple.

Leora and Paul also need to go . This a crapy non action ever couple.

Sofia and Roman also need to go. This is also a non action waste of time crapy couple. Don't get me wrong all the ladies are very sexy just that there partners suck.

Maya and Stephan another crapy couple that needs to put up or go away. I love her tattoo it's very sexy and she is hot , love her breast. Do they ever have sex? All they do is stay on computer all day . 

The rest of the coupes are pretty good but now that we lost Isabel and Marcelo that eaves us with 3 out 7 apartments worth watching. RLC claims as a added bonus for customers that have premium accounts only they will be adding an extra apartment but we as regular customers get crap. RLC wake up if you don't fix it and replenish these dysfunctional couples you will lose a lot of customers a.d customers means MONEY!!!

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They should have gotten rid of K&R a very long time ago.  But, they haven't and so I don't believe they will.  K&R really hasn't done anything to warrant their departure.  Now, if RLC had a rule that couples have to have sex without any covers or be nude for so many hours of their time at home, then that would be different.

Overall, this couple isn't like other couples, and not every couple will be the same.  However, if I was RLC, I would be looking for another couple to please my members because that is what is equally important...without manipulating the couples or the rules.  In the end, I want authenticity.  When it becomes manipulated and controlled, then I can save my money and go watch porn for free.

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[justify]Well, I sent RLC a long note complaining about some of the couples, praising others. I'd complained that'd never seen Katya naked. Not an hour after I sent it, there she was in the tub taking a very long soak bath. Lovely girl...  puffy nipples, little mole inside the right thigh, long slim legs. They should hook her up with someone who knows what to do with her and isn't shy.[/justify]

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