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What are the pro benefits of premium membership?

addition to the three new buttons for standard members:

1. keyboard shortcuts

2. single mode

3. single wide mode

you will have four extra buttons:

4. 2-view mode, one above the other

5. 2-view mode, side by side

6. 4-view mode, Multi-Viewer (up to 4)

7. Motion Detection

       1                  2                  3                4                 5                 6                7


for premium membership requires rlc 44,95 € or 60,79 $

thanks rlc, but no thanks, it's to expensive

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and Zolti it cost 44.95$ not 44.95 euro

my mistake, you're right

if more couple like D & E + A & A this would be, I would think about it.

but as long as couple as K & R and S & R are in RLCt hat are actually not worth a cent and i just get bored of them, I'll leave it.

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I stepped up to the premium.

My initial thoughts:

Yes, if there were more couples like D&E, then these multiple cam views and motion sensor tools seem to be very beneficial.  As for the price, I think it's a little much, considering the couples RLC has at this time.

If all the couples were more sexual active as D&E (and their guests too), then I would pay $50.00 per month. But, I would also ask RLC for a member message board or a page where pics and videos can be posted...because I am tired of missing the good stuff.

This is what I think so far...and my opinion may change.

But, the ultimate question is, "Is it worth getting the premium membership now?" My answer is, "Only if you can afford it. It's just an option at this point, not a must."

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The motion sensor is pretty nice, but the ones in L&P's are either not as sensitive or not working at all. As far as the other apartments, some are as sensitive that they capture the movement of curtains in D&E's bedroom and kitchen, and the rotation of the fan in K&R's bedroom.  Also, pets will set the sensors off as I have seen in A&A's, M&A's, and I&M's.

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