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Dread Lock Queens


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There has been a lot of changes with RLC with some being good and some that hit each members wallet,  I notice that some of the ladies in these apartments are starting to change their hair style's or style...and it seems to become a trend in fashion.  I do love it when a sexy lady upgrades her self and want to look good for her man and others, and in this case I as sure its the viewers that these ladies are trying to impress.  Seems the Dread lock look has become famous with some of the ladies at RLC, and I am wondering how far well it continue to go on and do any of these young ladies have any idea where it originated "started"...."In some cases, I guess its the look that counts."  Question is "Well the men start to get Dread's next?....one can imagine men like "Sasha, bogdan, Smith, Paul, Eric, and Efim with Dreads in their heads and what they would look like"..LOL    From the way things are looking I would say everyone should have Dread's by December 2018....and that's a lot of naked horses running around with out their coats this winter..LOL   "Masha and Dasha look what the Hell you have both started"!!!8)

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 I suppose they have to find something to do with all that time on their hands!! :D

Nina seems to change her hair quite a lot, it almost looks like it goes with her mood. I can put up with a lot of her styles, but this current look - NO!! Remember Kira bleaching, or shaving one side (Urgh). Sugar dying it grey (Blue was striking enough but grey??). Even Doe's jet black look spoils it instead of her more natural brown. Imagine Sasha with dreads (oh please do it!!!)

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19 hours ago, One Eyed Willie said:

God shows how boring RLC has been when main thing is what some tenants hair is like or who will be the next to do what with their hair. ::) Time to re-evaluate before things get any worse.

Agree. Need to remove the slackers and get tenants that actually have sex lives.

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