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 There is a gray dildo and container of anal lube in the box on top shelf of bedroom closet  ( it is above the soft ,blue shoe rack on left side) of apartment  D and E. Just last week  it was used by D, to get her ass use to something being up it ,for the anal sex they have been practicing lately.

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They did anal just last night... It lasted for quite a while and they both seemed to enjoy it...  One thing 'tho.. Diana made about 6 trips to the bathroom to pee within 30 minutes. She'd get him hard, then leave. He was pretty upset about it after the 5th time. That was even before they started with the anal sex. Don't know what was wrong with her to go to the bathroom so many times...

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It was anal and she's not that experienced with it.  Expectations and preparations!  Even the world's finest porn stars prepare for anal sex.  You don't just smear a handful of lube on her ass and then stick it in...I guess you could, but it doesn't make it a good idea.  So, it doesn't surprise me that she had to go and empty or felt like she had to after he's been poking up in there...and he wasn't that gentle with her once he was inside her.  Obvious inexperience on both of their parts.  If you have done anal to a girl, then all of what I have written here will makes sense to you.

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