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The couple that I would like to/La coppia che vorrei


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What a couple you want to see the apartment of rlc?

I a couple naturist (nudist) or swingers.

Have your say.

Che coppia vorrest vedere nell'appartamento di rlc?

Io una coppia naturista (nudista) o scambisti.

Dite la vostra.

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As many of us have discussed, exhibitionists seem to be the ideal tenants for voyeurs to watch on RLC.  Unfortunately, there are not very many couples who are.  But, in a perfect world, let's pretend that all of the tenants on RLC are exhibitionists.  I think this would keep many of us glued to our monitors 24/7 instead of peeking in during certain times to hopefully catch a glimpse of some action.

Naturalists (Nudists) and Swingers are fine, and one can only assume they wouldn't be camera shy.  But, how many nude beaches are shielded from public eyes and how many of us have here have even gone to a swinger's club without being invited?  In essence, there is still hiding taken place.  It would be the worst irony for a voyeur to watch RLC, knowing that the new tenants are Nudists or Swingers, and they still hide their naked bodies and sexual actions under sheets.

With that being said, here's some ideas for future couples that I would love to see in RLC (assuming they too are all exhibitionists and attractive couples):

Two Couples in one Apartment: This doubles the viewing pleasure as opposed to just one couple...and think of the possibilities that could happen.  First, there would be double the opportunity that we will see some sex.  If the couples are close, maybe we would see some wife/girlfriend swapping.  And, then there will eventually be some arguing and fighting between the couples, and maybe the arguing and fighting may not be over something as petty as, "who took the last soda out of the refrigerator?"  Imagine the possibilities if one of them became unfaithful to their partner.  This is drama waiting to happen.  This is Real Life Cam.

One Couple and one Single Person in one Apartment: Same thing here as with two couples in one apartment, except this situation will most likely breed more conflict.  Couples are on a different level than someone who is single, and placing them together in a living environment can eventually put a strain on the couple's relationship, especially whenever the couple is already arguing and fighting with each other.  It's not always the case, but it happens more often than not (I'm speaking from personal experience - I've lived through it as well as have seen several good friends go through worse situations).  

Lesbian Couple: RLC has had one before, and Anna & Dana seem to have been a popular couple with RLC (Unfortunately, I wasn't a member when this couple was around and have had to rely on recorded videos.) Just imagine the possibilities of a lesbian couple and another girl, who is their roommate.  One of my lesbian friends and her girlfriend let a friend of their's (another girl) move in with them.  My friend told me some wild stories about how she was finger-fucking the other girl behind her girlfriend's back...and the whole reason the girl wanted to move in with them was because she had a crush on my friend.  My friend knew that, but instead of telling her girlfriend that it wouldn't be a good idea, she decided to have her cake and eat it too (pun wasn't initially intended). Anyway, that did NOT end well.

Black Couple, Asian Couple (Alina does not count), or Indian Couple: No one has ever mentioned or have requested this to my knowledge.  Race may still be a problem with some, but my parents never raised me to have hate in my heart or discriminate against other races and cultures.  With that being said, I find other races and cultures fascinating, and one of the great things about RLC is that my initial intentions may have been of sexual interest, but have grown into further curiosity as my eyes have been opened by Russian culture.  Therefore, seeing different races and cultures in their most private and intimate lives would be an interest for me.

I know it may sound as if I wish most of these couples ill will, but I do not.  Most likely, none of what I said may even happen and more of what I did not say could happen.  I think that these types of tenants would be worth watching.  And, it's an indirect way that RLC can manipulate the couple's actions without truly interfering in their lives.  In other words, I would never want RLC to tell the couples to have sex, argue, or whatever.  I can turn on TV at any time and watch a Reality Show for that.  But, placing couples into risky situations and letting the chips fall where they may will suffice.


Anyway, that's my 2 cents for future couples in RLC.

I would love to hear your ideas on future couples for RLC too. 

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