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New apartment of Marta & David


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What do you think of the action that RLC is doing to place new apartemenetn behind the primium account and nothing to give free

I'm fine by not having free cams but you cannot view it with standard membership either. That's just a bunch of crap if you ask me. Lame move to get people to spend more money on RLC.

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So for you guys that have premium what's up with this new couple Martha and David? Is it worth going premium? The premium features really don't excite Me so much unless there's some real action but if it's normal stuff that I see from the other couples on here than who cares. 

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rsoler323 I wouldn't do it for only the apartment of M&D.

 I have done it for the extra options.

If they have sex than on this order.

1st just kissing.

2nd condom around it.

3rd 5 minute fuck.

4th wait phone viewing and out again.

Furthermore, I have never seen some fun

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I don't think it is worth the Premium membership just to see the new apartment - at least allow Standard memberships to see it, but the Premium membership itself is, in my opinion, worth it just for the extra option you get with the membership i.e. being able to watch 4 different apartments at the same time.

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