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To Renew or Not to Renew...That is the Question.


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Now that my premium membership is up, I have to make a choice to either renew or not.

Because it has been so slow, and the fact that my premium membership options for multiple viewing hasn't worked on any of my 2 cpu's or laptop in the last 4 days, I may not renew.  For the record, I tried different browsers to no success.  But, more importantly, I have been finding the site boring, whereas before (February to early August), the site was more compelling.

I've been giving this a lot of thought today as to the reasons why this site has become boring.  Actually, it should be more interesting with more couples...as this should increase more chances for viewing intimate moments with these couples.  However, it is not the lack of the couples' activities or nudity that has me losing my interest...nor is it anything to with any changes or decisions in my "real" life.  Most of that has remained the same.  But, something has changed my opinion.  Again, after giving it a lot of thought, I reflected back on what I enjoyed most about this site...and realized that there was more than just watching couples have sex that I enjoyed...

In the beginning, my excitement for this voyeur site drove my interests.  As time proceeded, I found it exciting to learn about the couples as much as watching them have sex...especially with comparing my present and my past to the couples' youthful actions and activities...as well as the differences between our cultures.  In essence, RLC has been intellectually stimulating as well as physically...and it has even been emotionally stimulating (i.e. when a couple I like leaves).  Surely, I have developed some emotional attachment to some of the couples like I do with characters in movies.  When Alma appeared in Isabel's & Marcelo's apartment, I was hoping for a sequel and Alma would live with them until RLC could get her and another lover into another place.  Oh well, it never came to be...and I just move on.  But, the thing that has enhanced my experience on RLC has been the message boards.

Sharing a common interest with many others has made RLC a lot more compelling than just logging in and watching alone.  And, for a while, members and fans were sharing pics and video captures and the discussions and debates were a lot of fun.  Also, I didn't feel like I missed much when these things were shared.  But, I understand completely why RLC has enforced their protection of their intellectual property and support their efforts to continue protecting it.  My personal opinion is that RLC is not allowing the site to grow in the direction of their members' demands.  The only solution I can see to change my opinion about RLC would be to either add more couples (a temporary fix) and/or either sponsor one of the fan boards or create their own message board with privileges to share their content on that board.  This is what would work for me.

What do all of you guys and the couple of gals think?  Do any of you feel the way I do about this?

I know others have complained about more, and those opinions and complaints are indeed valid.  I would love to hear any additional complaints any of you may have...and any solutions to those problems.

Until then, I have to make a decision to either renew or not.  Logic tells me to hold off until RLC introduces another couple, but after a month when my membership is up again, I'll still be asking myself whether or not to renew again.

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I don't think it's just needing more couples but more interesting couples. True it is better when there is more sex and nudity but I can remember watching Lora and Max and Alma even when they weren't having sex because they were more interesting. I'm not going to recommend anyone paying for a membership when I still may cancel mine, but if you don't get a LOT more as a premium member why pay 50% more?

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