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Back from vacation

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Well our favorite couple Sofia and Roman are once again in their happy home . One day early , guess they could not wait to get back . The first thing Sofia did was enter the kitchen ; where she held her nose , swish the air with her hand and took out a large trash/rubbish bag . She began throwing out most items inside the refrigerator  and kitchen storage areas . Sofia tried to talk to Roman about something ; it turned into a heated discussion  ; leaving Sofia looking discussed , Roman his usual indifferent and the dog the only one who appeared to be happy to be there . Sofia took out her mobile telephone and called someone . She held a very vigorous conversation with someone which did not seem to go her way . Sofia went to bedroom closet where she began to replace her clothing onto hangers and shelves . Roman took shower and went to lay in living room on the couch in his undershorts ( his standard normal outfit ) making no attempt to help clean apartment . Sofia cleaned the bathroom , restocked shelves and supplies . Roman watch videos ( which sounded strangely like porn ) on his laptop computer . Sofia found enough little chores to keep her busy for hours . She would ever so often look at Roman , shake her her and wipe her eyes . Sofia is sad to be home in apartment .

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Why couldn't this couple stay gone?  When they first arrived on RLC, I had hope for them, but now they are just wasting cameras...and my money.  RLC needs to get a sexually active couple in there.

Maybe there is a contact with obligations between RLC and them and RLC cannot dismiss them at the moment.. Or maybe they are RLC owner's relatives (( LOL))

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