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Everyone seems to have their reason(s) for coming to RLC and continuing to have an interest in it.

For anyone who would like to participate, please be honest with us and yourself as to the "REASON as to WHY you initially came to RLC".  In other words, how did you find out about RLC and why did you come to watch?  Two very simple questions, but please feel free to elaborate on your answers.

I'll go first:

I am a voyeur and I like to watch people during their intimate moments...and most of those moments involve SEX.  One day while searching hidden cams and voyeur videos, I came across a shared video and found an interesting voyeur video.  After reading some of the comments about the video, I learned that it was from RealLifeCam.  The video was of Alma & Stefan.  So, I checked out the site and...JACKPOT!  RLC looked like a voyeur's dream.  I had never seen a site quite like this other than a married couple who hooked cameras up to a few rooms in their home (mainly 2 bedrooms and the living room - because they had children who they kept out of the camera's eye).  Well, that site I once loved with the married couple soon died and left me with just searching vids on xhamster and other like sites.  Then, I found RLC. 

As I mentioned, my main intent was in searching for sex in a voyeuristic nature.  Over time, I have learned that my voyeuristic fetish hasn't only been limited to watching couples have sex or girls masturbate.  Many times I have caught myself watching with interest as they have fights, cook (my interest more on what they are cooking and eating), play with their pets, what they wear when they are home alone or what they wear to bed, how they sleep, how they socialize with friends, what their hobbies are, how they feel about Americans (LOL!) and I could go on... 

A week ago when Demid did not want to have sex with Dasha, I didn't get upset.  She went into the Living room/Kitchen and plopped on the sofa and cried.  I always come to RLC to catch the couples engaging in sex, but that night, I was reminded how I can get drawn in to other intimate moments like that.  It saddened me to watch her cry, but it was pleasing to watch...to be allowed to watch that.  Does that make any sense?  Hope so.

So, over time, I have derived some voyeuristic pleasure from watching other intimate moments other than sex.  But, I will not lie about my initial intent.  I'm not ashamed at being a voyeur...having an interest in other people and their actions, their habits...their lives...especially their sex lives.  Watching these couples have rekindled memories from my past as well as help me appreciate some of the choices I have made in my life...especially in regards to relationships.  And, irony is never without attendance...watching these couples (from an objective point of view) has even shown me where I have made mistakes in a past relationship...after all these years believing I was right.  It was enough for me to contact an old girlfriend and apologize (which she happily accepted and apologized for her mistakes too).  It's really interesting how this site has affected me over many months...and this is part of the reason I stick around.  Again, it is mainly for the sex, but unexpected benefits have presented themselves and have proven to be positive in my thinking and my life.  Weird, right?  I sure as hell didn't see any of that coming.

But, again, it's mainly for the sex.  I get just as mad as anyone else when they cover up during sex or turn away from the cameras to hide their nudity and so on...  But, I get mad because it takes away from the voyeuristic experience (not to mention, I pay for that experience too).  Whenever couples do this, it lets me know that they are aware of the cameras and hinges on breaking the 4th wall (the 4th wall is an invisible wall between the actor and spectator - when an actor looks directly at the audience and/or speaks to them, they are breaking the 4th wall).  When these couples break the 4th wall (looking into the camera or addressing its presence in some way noticable), it takes away from my experience as the watcher.  And, as a watcher, I don't like to be noticed that I am watching.

Anyway, that's just me and my reasons.  Thank you for reading.  I would love to read yours too.

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Actually mine are for the same reason. I originally liked the idea of watching the couples have sex (and still do), but then I started watching Lora and Max especially and also some of the other couples in their everyday life and also got interested in that. Back then none of the couples seemed to worry about any cameras for anything and when they wanted to have sex they didn't worry about blankets or anything. They were normal in evrything of their lives. Of course then the drama started with Nora's "breakdown", Stefan's cheating on Alma, The huge fights between Ariel and her man followed later by Isabel and her man. So it came to be more than the sex, but the main reason is the sex, so if I am paying to watch the sex I shouldn't have to wonder what it's like under the blankets or in the corner out of the camera's view.

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