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Why has No one asked the Question yet...?

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Now that Mia is gone, why are Sofie & Lilu still sleeping in the same bed? They have not shown one sign that they are "together" (lesbians). One of them could have their own bedroom now.

Is RLC expecting Mia may return or are they planning to put someone else in that bedroom or is there something in the contract?

What are your thoughts?

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This apartment does seem to be a pure waste of time unless you are happy seeing a few women just walk about in shorts.

As far as Sofie and Lilu I would say they are straight girls just sharing a room as there is never any affection between them what so ever. 

Nora is obviously straight as well as was Mia who has now left.

None of them ever look like pleasuring themselves so all in all a pure waste of time and money.

And what else are we getting for our premium rate, yet another waste of space in Marta and David.

All in all I am very disappointed with the premium rate offerings and will certainly not be renewing my membership when it runs out unless something drastically changes which I can't see happening.

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Maybe there shy knowing the cams are there but the brunette definitely looks guy. I just got hyped when I saw an new extra apartment if I went premium so I did and so far it's been a waste of time and money. I will not renew my premium when runs out . I will keep standard. These girls are hiding from the cams. When they shower or change clothes they always face the opposite side so we can't there pussy or breast. As far as Marta she's fine piece of ass but is also hiding from the cams. She is a pig that needs to clean that apartment and fuck her man. Also Veronica and wannabe Drago there also a waste I always watch all the couples but this couple for some reason they don't spark my interest I don't find her being attractive at all they are also always hiding from cams with the covers covering themselves when they have sex. As far as the rest of the couples there ok I don't have a problem with them. They are pretty normal basic couples living normal lives.

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That's a good point rsoler323. They the girls in the new apartment) are camera shy. However, if the two sleeping together are lesbians, then why haven't we seen them being affectionate? We haven't even seen them give each other kiss...or a hug for that matter. 

More importantly, if they were lesbians, then why have separate covers when sharing a bed? It just doesn't add up to them being lesbians. I could be wrong, but I am not seeing it.

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