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If you have the power to takw two person out of the site  which one you would rather do .

personally a will take Nora just because she was in this project before and still acting like primadonna like she is too good to be doing  this so why she is back? and marta as well  out oh here

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I thought she was Alina's sister and the fat one was Anton's sister. But as to the original question I think I would keep Leora, Alina, Dasha (at least she sort of plays with her pussy a little but not crazy about the tattoos), Of course I would also keep the lesbians and the hottest guy/girl couple Diana. Unfortunately Alma and Issabelle are no longer there or they would be sure things.

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Yes Hollywood; U think that's true. But I believe that none of RLCcharacters has the ambition to do anything other than showing on RLC

I wasn't talking about ambition. I was talking about potential. Alma is the only one who actually has a large enough fan base (check out the CC Boards if you need proof) and is interesting enough to watch solo [more interesting than LiLu, Sofie, and Nora (sorry Nora fans)]. I say interesting and it comes off as subjective, but what I'm trying to say is that while watching Alma, viewers will get a lot more action.


With regards to ambition. I think you are right. None of the girls (or couples for that matter) have the ambition other than showing themselves on RLC...and most, if not all, are doing it for something (i.e. money, free rent, etc.) and NOT because they enjoy showing nudity or fucking in front of us. The only person on RLC that gave the cams any attention was Angela...when she went all drunk crazy that night with the beer bottle. Oh, and Maya gave us some love when she was cleaning the bathroom and cleaned the camera too.

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