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All I see Sofie doing is playing with her phone or tablet. How can she just do that all day and night? It's all she does...granted she eats, sleeps, socializes with the roommates occasionally...and I guess she poops too (but, we never get to see that).


Then, I think about the days when I sat at my desktop and played WoW for 8 to 15 hours a day...and how my girlfriend at the time used to ask me how I could play so long...and she would tell me how I don't give her enough attention. We fucked three to five times a week, what more did she want, right? LOL! Of course, I know what she was talking about. She didn't like that I paid more attention to a game and my friends on a game more than I did with her. Anyway, we broke up (not because of that, but for another reason all together), and watching Sophie reminded me of that.


I think that Karma is paying me a debt, long overdue. She knows I am watching Sophie and waiting for something good to happen...just like my ex was watching and waiting for me...waiting for something good to happen. It's payback. Has to be. I'm sitting here waiting with my cock on standby and she won't even touch her snatch. Little bitch. TOUCH YOUR PUSSY! 




Maybe she's a virgin. Other than babies, are there really any virgins left on this planet? Hmmm.


Oh well. I am paying my debt to Karma now. I should have fucked my ex more instead of playing games all day. I was a bad person and have now learned my lesson. LOL!


In all seriousness, I've wasted too many hours waiting for something to happen with any of these girls and NOTHING. I'll give them another week, then release my criticism.



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Guest hurricanefan

You must have missed the action on Saturday night between Nora and Kiko. I hear it was hot and heavy. I missed it to because of work.  Photos that are posted look really good. Need to see the viseo when it is posted.

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Yes, I missed it and still not happy about it. But, after seeing the pics that were posted, I realized that I didn't miss too much. The appear to fuck the same as they always have (just in a different location), and all I needed to do was pull up a few old videos of them to get my fix.


For now, all is stable in Hollywood's world.

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