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What Are They Playing?


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Am I the only one that has ever attempted to look at someone's desktop or laptop computer to determine what game they're playing?


In the old apartment, I know I once saw Nora playing one of the Might and Magic games. I also remember watching Anton play an FPS shooter of some kind. 


Could it be possible that I'm the only person that does this or does someone else wallow in this wasteful pastime alongside me?

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Nina (the blonde) plays Sims 4 on occasion.


Anton plays one of the Call of Duties games.


Not sure what Efim or Stepan plays. I can never see their screens well enough and the sounds of any games they play are unfamiliar to me.


But, Nora also watches acting interviews (something like the Actor's Studio, but without an audience on the show) on her laptop and takes notes from them.

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