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Caveman Luke

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Whenever I see Lucas having "sex" with Veronica (and yes, there's a reason for the quotations), I am reminded of a caveman mounting and laying claim to his wife. 


I'm shocked that he's not muttering, "Ug. Me Man. You Woman. Me Put Seed In You. Make Baby. Offer To Sky Spirit. Then Go Hunt For Food" or something equally neanderthal-like. I look around for his club or his carved hunting spear but I'm sure he keeps it beside the bed and out of sight. The man is a brute and reminds me of Khal Drogo... only, not a badass.


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Quite agree with you he has no finesse or often any idea at all,always falling over onto the floor and legs flailing every where.

Don't bother to watch these two now can't stand them they are so far up their own asses it unbelievable.

She's often more interested in watching the laptop.

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Cool down guys.. at the end she has a nice pussy and knows how to treat Mr. Dick


Yeah, but... my issue isn't so much against her as it is against him. He's an oaf. A brute. He's a barbarian mounting his wife in order to spread his seed. You've heard of Evolution- he's Devolution. I don't have a problem with her, other than the utter disappointment in witnessing her acceptance of this behavior.

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I think we established lukey boy is some kinda jock; ultimate fighter, explains the black eyes, wrestler or some other goofy shit that would tear his brain loose from its holster. Remember what happened to Rocky after fighting Drago..... seems logical. And the way the euros treat woman and they seem to enjoy the submission.

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We never established that he is any type of fighter. Some people just assume to believe it. Whatever makes them happy.


What we can tell from what transpired when he received his black eye is that he was a big pussy about it and had several breakdowns after Veronica did all she could to make him feel better. And, this would lead me to believe that he is not a fighter. But, he's definitely someone who likes to workout with weights, probably a bodybuilder who does it for his self interests. It's obvious to me that Veronica does too. I have seen them get ready as if they are going on a run or to workout. Their clothing was the clue. I seriously doubt they would go to work or any place more than casual with what they were wearing...unless they work at a health club/gym. And, they have done this on more than one occasion. Also, Veronica's build suggests that she works out a bit (not a bodybuilder, but more along the line of light lifting and some type of aerobics). Lastly, has anyone seen any medals, ribbons, or any other type of awards in their apartment that would indicate that Lucas is a pro athlete or an ultimate fighter?

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