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No its not visible also not for premium members


This annoys me. It's the same argument I've expressed from day 1 with RLC couples who really aren't committed to the project. If you don't want people to see what your'e doing, that's fine- you have a right to privacy.






Why is this so difficult to understand? You either join the project and commit to it and show everything in front of the camera, or don't join it at all. This latest trend of half-assing it showing regular life, but not sex or changing, etc... is bullshit. I wouldn't expect participation from just ANYONE, but if you signed up for it- keep to your word. 


I know that "the mood" can strike at any time... and I, as I am sure many of you have too, personally have had sex in countless unexpected places. I get that. There's a big difference from it just happening and it being planned. Uncool. Way uncool.

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Quite agree with you Carnivore they know what it is all about when they sign up for it so all this shagging under blankets,avoiding the camera's where they can and generally escaping being caught doing anything is a load of bullshit and they should be thrown out and ones brought in who will respect the principle of the project.

A fine example of this are the girls Lilu and Alisha and Marta and David in premium and Veronica and Lucas.

Most of the others do very good and Nina and Kira don't give a shit about the camera's.

You can excuse visitors to a certain extent. 

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But, we really need to give Marta some credit. I read on the CC Board that she has had issue with having sex in front of the cameras. This was in the beginning and I did see her shrug off a few of David's advances. However, as time passed, I have seen this girl fuck without a care for the cameras on more than a few occasions. I have never seen Marta & David grab for covers whenever they are having sex. If they used them, they must have been cold.


Also, Marta does not hide from the camera when changing her clothes. I've seen this girl's nipple piercing up close a few times because she likes to stand naked in front of the mirror and look at herself...sometimes you can catch her acting silly and dancing...again while nude. And, if I could just get a closer look (like zooming in with the cam), then I could verify that she has her clitoris pierced too.


If I had any complaint with Marta, then it would be that she isn't there as much as I would like her to be. It's like she just comes to stay the night and then leaves for a day or two before I see her again. But, lately, she has been showing up more...especially since they got the puppy. Another thing I would complain about is the fact that she doesn't give blow jobs nor does David go down on her. No oral sex with this couple...although Marta has teasingly kissed her way down and stopped just before.


Now, I am not saying this couple is interesting or better than any of the others, and I am definitely NOT saying that it is worth getting a premium account because of this couple. But, they are not as bad as many are stating.


If you watch them long enough (whenever they are actually home...and alone), then you just may catch them playing around with one another and being just as affectionate as you would see when you watch Adriana & Daniel. And, if you catch them fucking, you will get a decent show. Again, you have to catch them, because this couple is very spontaneous. David could be playing video games one minute and Marta could be cleaning the kitchen (but usually she eating...she is always eating), and then they say a few words and then just go into the bedroom, strip down and fuck. It usually happens at a moments notice. I have switched apartment cams from their apartment to another and then come back and they are fucking...and I am like WTF? It's not like with some of the other couples who have a familiar ritual that we can identify when something is about to happen.


Marta is usually on top, most of the time, but they switch to missionary and have done doggie. And, I have only seen Marta do reverse cowgirl one time. Sex usually last 10 - 20 minutes on average, sometimes a little longer sometimes shorter. 


Overall, I don't spend much time watching this couple anymore, but I am always checking the bedroom and spare bedroom cams for action...and right now, when I click on any cam in their apartment, it says, "Error: access is forbidden". How interesting...

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Marta and David have been using the covers a lot lately but tend to foget sometimes and they start slipping off but they soon cover up again.

Many weeks ago they were quite unhibited but this has lessened off recently and using the covers more.

Have gone off this couple really purely for the fact that i hate to see the state they live in in the bedrooms, they are going to vanish soon beneath the piles of clothes every where in the bedroom.

And whilst i appreciate her camera problem if you do have this problem then why the fuck sign up for these projects it's not fair on her or the paying public who in a way would be being cheated.

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@ Robwin  Did you take into account that it might just be cold there? I don't know about you, but I use covers quite a bit during the winter season and when I was with my ex, we fucked under the covers until it got too hot. What do you think? Maybe?


Just asking, because it sounds like you may know more than me about this couple. As I already stated, I don't watch them as much as I used to, but when I did, I put many hours into it. So, I find it a bit difficult to believe Marta has all of a sudden become camera shy after everything I have seen her do in front of the camera. But, I will be watching this week now that everything has been fixed with my membership.


However, I completely agree with what you posted previously regarding the removal of couples who do not respect the principles of the project. And, yes, visitors can be excused to a certain extent...with the exception of covering up the cameras. I believe that covering up the cameras on purpose is the biggest crime that any of the couples or roommates can commit on this site. For me, it's theft and fraud.


I only disagree with you on one thing and that is that Marta & David should be kicked out by RLC. But, they are nowhere nearly as bad as Sofia & Roman, the worst couple to have ever been on RLC (just my opinion). And, Marta & David have shown some pretty damn hot action. I truly feel bad for Standard members who get to miss some of this stuff premium stuff (again, I'm not saying it's worth getting a premium account, but it not like nothing ever happens at Marta's & David's place).


By the way, to everyone who was watching the party at Dasha's & Demid's last night, I forgot to mention that these types of parties happen a lot at Marta's & David's too...and with the same results, leaving you frustrated because no one is fucking. For the record, I have only seen one couple of their friends go into the spare bedroom and fuck. But I have seen Marta go into the spare bedroom a couple of times and workout on the stripper pole.


Sorry about that, Robwin. I had to write that before I forget it. And, it kind of fits into what I'm posting here.




Also, I think we need to give Alisa more time, since she hasn't really been there long and she hasn't been shy about showing pussy. It's a hell of a lot more than we got from Sofie or Mia, who I think most of us are happy or could care less that they are gone.


With regards to Veronica & Lucas, they really don't have many fans...if any. If they left the project, would anyone really care? Probably not. Who knows (rhetorical)? But, these two have been covering up to have sex or (possibly) fucking in another room, and that's no different than what Katya & Ruslan were doing. Thank RLC they're gone. They were the 2nd worst couple to appear on RLC (again, just my opinion). Veronica & Lucas are heading in that direction too and I look forward to the day they are replaced with (like you said, Robwin) "....ones brought in who will respect the principle of the project".


Of course, I still believe (and I have posted this more than once) that the best participants for RLC would be exhibitionists. This would eliminate the camera shy issue...unless the exhibitionist is afraid of "cameras" for some weird reason.

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Hi Hollywood,

Think i may have to slightly disagree with you about the cold as i assume the apartments have central heating and it certainly doesn't stop Leora or Paul come to that from always walking around with hardly anything on so it can't be that cold can it and they are in Russia.


I don't think i have said kick Marta and David out but i don't think you can blame coldness for their hiding etc as i assume they are in Spain as they are only one hour time difference from me (UK) and it isn't that cold in Spain though i find it funny that she goes to bed with all her daytime clothes on ha ha.


As far as Alisa is concerned yes you are right in saying it is early yet but there is something about her i don't quite like yet.

Whilst she does have a gorgeous body she does seem to be rather sly in how she keeps glancing at the camera's and i feel she is just playing to the camera's quite often as if to say that's all you are going to see today etc.

Don't honestly i don't know what we are going to get from Lilu and Alisa as Lilu is also very protective of herself and is so obsessed with her phone and laptop i don't know where she is going.

Both these two are certainly not shy about parading around in their panties and bra but i can't see us getting much else from them though they do seem to have struck up quite a good friendship lately but whether this will go anywhere is anyones guess. 


Basically i have no problem with the other apartments (with the exception of V&L) as they all are rather open and free with their actions and lives though i think Diana and Efim seem to have gone off the boil a bit lately and why have all those musical instruments if they can't play them ha ha.

Rant over.

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As I mentioned, I will be looking in on Marta & David. If they have taken the path of Katya & Ruslan, then I will be very disappointed and will be campaigning to RLC to have them removed. I only suggested that it may be cold where they live because I have seen Marta sleep nude many times, and now she is wearing clothing to bed? But, in my personal experience +1 time zone difference doesn't mean we all have the same weather. It can be pouring down rain in one time zone while the next time zone never sees the cloud of a storm. As far as having central heat, an apartment can still get cold whenever the temperature drops. Even now, I am sitting in a house with central heating, which I have set on reasonably warm temperature, but am going to have to raise the temperature because it just got a lot colder outside.


Anyway, time will tell. Sadly, there aren't enough premium members to keep watch to cover all bases to get a quicker answer.


With Alisa: yes, she is smoking hot, but there is something about her that I don't quite like too...and it's for the same reason you posted. I've seen her glance at the camera a lot and I do have this feeling she is playing for the cameras. Hopefully, she will eventually forget that they are there, but that will take some time. For me, playing to the camera takes away from my voyeur experience. I can just go to chaturbated(dot)com if I want women playing to the camera for me. If nothing more becomes of them (Alisa & Lilu) in another month, I'll probably write them off as well. I don't expect them to go all lesbonic (I know that's not a word, I just made it up) on each other, but surly these girls are attractive enough in their own country to snag a man and bring him home once in a while.


That's so funny about Diana & Efim and the instruments. I have watched Efim practice for hours and it just doesn't seem he has gotten any better. Now, Diana can play the keys pretty well but whenever she sings, it almost makes my skin crawl...especially whenever she sings songs in English.

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