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No more???

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Guest wiseacres1

I wouldn't mind one built like Veronica- but without all the tattoos. A curvy girl would be just fine. Skinny and flat-chested would be just fine too.

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Only thing good about premium is having multiple windows open and the motion detector but can easily get over that by opening multiple tabs though only allowed 3 on basic.

You can view 2 at the same time by docking the browser to each side.

The motion detector is always triggered by the bloody cats and dogs anyway.

And as for the extra apartment well waste of space really apart from Kiko and Nora but he's slowly getting on my tits.

So basic for me next time.

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I would like some blondes as well. I like any color hair, but blonde is my favorite. I agree with Robwin too. The mulitple camera feeds are nice and the motion detectors, but I've found they only work 50% of the time. Nora is the only one worth while on premium, but 1 person isn't worth the money. I'm thinking of cancelling my premium if they don't replace Marta and David soon..

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