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Chubby friend

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Now I know that RLC is in deep trouble... Alina's chubby friend, the one who comes over regularly and never had a problem getting naked in front of the cameras... many times right in the living room, in fact...  just hid behind the half-open door to the bathroom to change. Really?  I know many of you don't care for chubby girls, but when even SHE hides from the cameras, RLC should start paying attention...  It's a piss-poor business model and goes to show that the Russkis still haven't figured out this Capitalist thing...

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I don't think there is any rule that states that they cannot hide from the cameras. But, covering up the cameras is serious.


In any case, fatty is a guest, not a tenant.


If she doesn't hide the next time she changes, then perhaps she wasn't hiding and her actions were misinterpreted (it wouldn't be the first time that has happened on this board). But, if she continues to hide from the cameras, then we can assume she somehow became camera shy.

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even 1,000 paying members per month equals about $50,000 per month. That's a pretty good pay check. If the apartment is $800.00 per month, that's 7200 of $50,000. Utilities, what, another $300 per month, (And that's probably high), another 6300. Let's say running the site $10,000 per month. That leaves a total of $36,500.

 Figure more members and their profit goes even higher.

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