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As I read some of the responses of some of the post here it kind of makes me wonder.What kind of people we are? Do we think we live in a perfect world to be perfect with ourselves to compare them to someone else? I've seen in the shout box numerous post about Alinas's guest. About how she is undesireable because of her size.Well my friends as they say{ Beauty is in the eye of the beholder}.Do we see her prancing around mirrors all day or giving in because your male counter part crawls on the floor looking for attention? Is it because he could not handle a black eye? He milked that one for  all that's it's worth.Or what about when most of them sit around in their little comfort  zone and do nothing all day. Granted I only see what's available on free cams. How many of these people work? Granted some do and the ones that do good for them.It makes voyeurism a little hard for us.As I watched the cams when I can I see some amazing things.Like the love between N+K ,C+S,A+D,D+D,D+E,M+S,A+A  my opinion only.do we each have it in ourselves to be brave enough to live on cam 24/7/365 days a year. I know I could not.So please think about this, I'm at your house helping your wife or whatever the case maybe with her homework or business or just helping to clean the apartment and not ask for anything in return.I know when I'm done work I like to decompress in my on way.Sometimes it's here or playing games on my computer or read some of the real wisdom from the members here.It makes me feel as a better person. Thank you for time.


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I'm not sure I understand your point. But, here's what I got from your post...


It seems that you don't like what the people have said about the participants on RLC...and this makes voyeurism a little hard for you. 


Your problem is obvious and easily resolved. If you do not read any more posts or, perhaps, stop visiting the board altogether, then voyeurism should be back to being easier. Make sense?


Please don't take this the wrong way, as it is not my intention to be mean or cruel nor do I wish you to stop visiting and posting on this board.


But, if your intent is to fix something here with the people, who post negative comments, then I wish you the best of luck. This board and the members (as well as the guests who seem too afraid to join) are not any different than an audience watching reality television. Someone is always going to have some fucked up opinion that you will not like to hear...whether it's true or not. And, from the audience point of view (just like a Jerry Springer show), they are perfect and cannot do anything wrong but call out the defects of others...all the while their hypocrisy goes unchecked.


So, what do you do about it? Call them out and start some shit?


Perhaps, it's best to just leave it alone? Or, give your opinion on a comment and move on? I don't know the answer. But, I have noticed a lot of new members and a lot more stupidity being posted. However, I appreciate a great deal of it. Message boards are for discussions, and as long as they stay on topic, I cannot argue against sharing opinions (other than expressing that I may disagree with them). 


I remember when this board and the members who used to frequent it viewed together for pleasure and enjoyed discussions on what we witnessed. Today, it's a matter of proving what you witnessed and debating on who's better than who and damning any actions or habits...which, by the way, are good discussions to have (as along as they're discussions between members as opposed to insults). For example, fen0's post which was way off topic that resulted with his name calling whenever a response to his post was given. But, I think the good old days of a decent board where you can share thoughts on a common interest are pretty much gone...replaced by new members, new idiots, and people who just want to gain attention in order to make themselves feel better. There's still a some good members on here, but each time I log in, I am seeing less and less of them.


So, MrMagoo, I guess I hear what you're saying. I cannot deny that I have said some mean things about Alina's friend, which I called fatty, because everyone seems to understand who we're referring to when the word, "fatty" is being used. Believe me, if I knew her name, then I would use it. As far as Lucas is concerned, "fuck Lucas". That guy is one of the biggest pussies ever, and that is stating a fact based on his actions...for three days straight. I will not make any apologies for that. Veronica did everything she could to make him feel better and all he did was act like a fucking baby. To watch a guy like him act like that made him look pathetic. And, as far as I'm concerned, it needed to be stated on this board...which it was and I added to it. As far as Stepan being lazy, I tried to defend the guy. I mentioned that he did some shit around the house, but it's not enough for anyone else. In the end, I think I posted something like, "as long as he's fucking Maya, it shouldn't matter." And, I have posted some negative comments about two of the past couples (Katya & Ruslan and Sofia & Roman). Do you know how much money they have cost us paying members to watch their bullshit or lack thereof? Any paying member of RLC has every right to bitch about those two...and Veronica & Lucas are pulling the same shit of covering up themselves while having sex. If V&L were new, then I would give them some time to get adjusted to the cams...but we are a long way from that now. Do you see "New" written by their names on RLC? So, if you see me (a Premium paying member) bitching or criticizing something or someone on RLC, then believe me when I tell you that it is justified. When you start paying money, you expect certain things from these couples after having been given so much in the past by other couples who were better (but, sadly, aren't there anymore). I expect to get the same or better with newer couples...especially at the cost of about $45 per month. I hope you can understand that, MrMagoo. I hope anyone, who is NOT a paying member or even a member of this board can understand that.


If your voyeur experience is ruined because of any of my comments, I can only apologize for that, because I had never had any intentions of ruining anyone's voyeur experience with my posts/comments. But, if that is what is making your voyeur experience harder, then at least you have a solution to your troubles.


And, if I misinterpreted your post in any way, please feel free to respond and help me understand.






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Well that was a bit of a screed Hollywood but i must admit i do agree with you that those who pay good money are entitled to vent their views/opinions as long as it isn't bad and very insulting.


I think most of the people giving commetns are very fair and after all we all need a bit of banter and a laugh from time to time.


To say these people must be brave to appear on here is some what true to a point but lets be honest they are mostly doing it for the benefit of having (we assume) rent free and possibly bill free apartments.

And by accepting these perks for this they should abide by the spirit of the project and not hide most of the time and those like us who pay, in all honestly, expect to see the seedy side of life and not just eating, sleeping and playing on bloody phones and tablets etc etc all the time.

The majority of them do play ball and do ignore the cameras but unfortunately some don't which is frustrating for us members.


As far as name calling well as Hollywood has said if we knew their names we would obviously all use them eg....N&K we used to call blondie and brunette but now they are both brunette i can only think of lanky and shorty so you pays your money and you take your choice. 


All in all i think the members and guests who comment seem pretty fair though i do wish the guests would sign in with a name as i don't think you have to be a RLC member to sign in and hiding behind a "Guest" name is rather cowardly which can lead sometimes to nasty comments.

I may have made some underhand comments sometimes but it is all meant in a good spirit and not being nasty after all Paul can't help being a right dick i suppose. :rolleyes:


Anyway thats my opinions for what it is worth, any respone would be welcomed.




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Hello Hollywood and Robwin,


Thats a lot of words, and i agree with what you are telling, maybe i'm also a paying member who want to see some things to change.

I'm also a little angry about how some guests have comments on the couples, if you are not a paying member you dont see everything. For example i saw someone written

"Nora and Kiko are a boring couple" yes if i can see them eating, sitting on the couch wathing tv, i would say the same. But you know better i think what happens in the bedroom, including D&D, A&A, etc.

I will be glad when RLC starts a site only for Paying members


thats all greetings woods71 

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Finally got into my account. Was on my end. Headspace and timeing a little slow tonight. Thank you all for responding. If you guys ever write a novel I will be the first in line for an autograph.The time you put into your responses tells me you guys can write.Well you are advanced members which says a lot.I've read some of your posts but not all of them but if it makes me a better poster I sure do appreiceiate that. I will be looking for more of your posts.When I think about what I wrote I may have thought about it bit more.But as child grows he has his parents to teach them.I now have some serious advanced members to help me grow here.Thank you all again will be looking for some more of your wisdom.  thanks again MrMagoo.Have a good night.

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