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The dog likes Leora's ass

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Well; in my opinion; if you look at her back just like picture 4 you realize that there isn't a congruity between her butt and thighs like Maya .. but in general; it's a super body. As for Paul; if you were in his shoes you wouldn't fuck her 24/7 even if she was miss universe. On the other hand he is a stupid asshole there is no doubt about it..

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What many of you fail to realize, while you think you'd be fucking her a lot more, IS that Paul has initiated sex many times only to be pushed away. Granted, he is a terrible lover for her, in that he blows very quickly, but I think that's cause soon as he does get some, he fears she'll push him away; LIKE she does most of the time. I'm not saying rape her unwillingly, but, DAMN, GROW A PAIR.  ONE good anal reaming; done like A&D and she'd be an entirely different bed partner.

 There are other ways he can satisfy her; doesn't always have to be about him.

  We've all seen Leora watch porn and then rub one out.  I've noticed and shared with others on the forum, that when she gets started, she has a particular spot on her left hip she softly caresses..... NO chance Paul even knows about it.


   Anyone ever see Paul watching porn, if only to learn more of how to please a woman. NEVER !!

   There's also a good chance Western men probably wouldn't remain faithful to a woman like her. 

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Paul is not very big. Nevertheless, if he did that he would split that dog in half. In any case, the dog would be skewered on his dick like a kabob. 


If you're smiling right now, it's because you got a mental image of that happening when you read what I wrote. If you are laughing, then it must have been a vivid mental image. And, if your NOT doing either, then you're probably a hardcore animal lover (not the kind others are saying Paul is) or are just totally disgusted with any thoughts of bestiality.  Remember, "it's jus' jokes".  >:D

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