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Fingering...not who you hope though

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I find it interesting when I visit xhamster and browse the amateur section to find more and more videos of guys getting their salad tossed or fingered or even fucked with a strap-on dildo by their women...and some of the men I see in these videos don't look like the kind of men who would normally do this or even enjoy it...but the reactions on their faces more than suggests that they do. 


Personally, it's not my thing. But, I have a friend who was dating a nurse and he told me how she would finger his ass and massage his prostrate while blowing him...and he claimed to have really enjoyed it. Again, not for me. Guess I am too old fashioned and a lot less adventurous than when I was in my 20's. And, I'll admit that I have done a lot of kinky things with girls whether it was using toys, food, objects, chocolate syrup, honey, massage oils, handcuffs, blindfolds, anal sex (where she is the receiver), extacy pills or even threesomes. But, nothing ever went up my ass and if the threesome was with me, the girl and another guy, then there wasn't anything sexual that had ever happened between me and the other guy. I'm not homophobic, I just don't think of men in a sexual way. However, I do like to see another guy fucking a girl...and that's been the limit. 


And, today when I see videos of guys taking it up the ass or guys gagging girls on their cocks (some vomiting into a bucket before going back and getting gagged some more) or choking someone until they black out or spanking their bottoms until the whelps show blood red, it just amazes me. And, then there are those other "dark" fetishes like bestiality, child porn, incest, golden showers and scat. Wow! 


I guess everyone has their thing...and Anton probably likes his asshole licked and fingered...or maybe Alina likes doing it...or maybe they are just experimenting at this point.  Maybe Alina will get a strap-on and fuck him up the ass too. I guess we will see. But, if they end up going in that direction, I may have to stop watching them. Watching guys getting their salads tossed or fingered or fucked is just not my cup of tea.

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