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When Diana & Efim first appeared on RLC, I remember how exciting it was to have not only a new couple, but a couple who never seemed bothered by the cameras since day 1 when they moved into the apartment. And, for the longest time (a few months), the sex was quite frequent and took place in the living room, kitchen, bathroom, and of course their bedroom. And, they had parties where guests would stay the night, some would have sex and some would just sleep. But, Efim, would get himself into trouble with Diana and that was fun to watch...like the time when Efim took a bath with another couple (Diana found out and it brought her to tears) or one of the few times when Efim was flirting with another girl and pissing off Diana. For a solid 3 or 4 months, this couple was the highlight of RLC for me. And, then there was all the good sex. No covers, no hiding, no shame. I think Efim is an exhibitionist and Diana could be one as well, but probably because it's what Efim likes. She really seems to genuinely love him and will do just about anything he wants, whether it be crazy sexual position, sticking a banana inside her pussy or ass, or even just fucking her up the ass, which I believe she has come to enjoy. This couple, in my opinion, is one of the best that RLC has ever had.


HOWEVER, to look at them today is like looking at an old married couple. The sex is still there, just not as frequent and it can become quite boring to watch them read or play with their gadgets or listen to Efim as he struggles to get better with his music, which leaves Diana singing in the shower a major highlight on a day to day basis. 


There just isn't anything more boring than watching a couple who's settling into a relationship. So mundane. Well, I take that back, watching paint dry or grass grow would be more boring, I suppose. But, Diana & Efim haven't been as active as they were in the beginning. (This is one of the reasons why I have a hard time believing that RLC controls the actions of the tenants - it's like, "where is the fucking action anymore?") 


Nevertheless, this couple has earned their place in RLC. I just hope they get over this plateau and get things fired up again. I believe that they will in time.

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