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Hidden Laundry Room?

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Monica & Kamila seem to spend an awful lot of time in that hidden laundry room? 

Was looking this morning and no one around and then later they both re-appeared so it is obvious where they were.

I don't seem to remember any of the other girls using that room so much,i suppose they did, but these two seem to

disappear in there for long spells and i mean long spells often 30mins or more.

It is getting a bit frustrating now as you don't know if they are in or out of the bloody apartment.


So unfortuntely our moaning at RLC seems to have been a pure waste of time as they do not intend to do anything about it

so our 27/7 promised coverage is being reduced dramatically.

Makes you wonder what they do do in there.?


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Why should they hide there in that room? I think there's something wrong .. 30 minutes in the laundry room?? This seems to me not realistic at all... Maybe they were really out for a while and you didn't notice when they came back home.. I am not defending RLC but I'm just supposing that there might be a mistake .. Sorry if my opinion might offend you .. 

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No there is no mistake when they re-appeared they were still in their night clothes or in Monica's case just bra top and pants.

They were in there all right and this has happened on more that one occasion so it isn't a one off.


What were they doing in there you ask, well your guess is as good as mine but they certainly wern't humping loads of washing around.

You believe what you want to Mee4you but i can only relay what i see will leave any other thoughts up to you and others.

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People, I've tried to tell you exactly what is happening.  I too got shot down by support. These two new girls don't have to play by the rules. But they play their little  reindeer cams off camera and cheat all the paying customers. I'm not wrong on this. I've spent stupid amounts of time watching this happen. Nothing do to but accept things as they are.

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Ya he dicho anteriormente que si RLC quiere realmente demostrar que se preocupa por sus miembros de pago tiene que poner cámaras en esa habitación a la mayor brevedad y mantengo que la disculpa de un wc no es valida puesto que tiene un wc arriba y otro abajo

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