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Hello Everyone :)


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I am new here to RLCF and just wanted to say hello. I have been following RLC for quite some time now, but as of late, have been very disappointed. I used to get the temp memberships all the time, but I guess they have removed them now. (IMO that was a very bad marketing move, as the temp memberships would actually give them more money if people done them every 3 days over the course of a month, but oh well). I have been watching what I can without a paid membership, and cant really find any reason to get a paid membership, certainly not a premium.


And just so you know, I am NOT bitching or complaining, just making observations. Is it just me, or does it seem like now, that EVERY single apt has a record amount of digital devices that all of the tenants seem to be on almost all of the time? I know people have their lives, and that is their business, but if they are going to be on a live cam website that is paid to watch, who really wants to watch people sit around on their cell phones, tablets, video games or computers 99% of the time?


With the above case scenario, the girls are rarely involved in any type of sexual situations or naked. I think that Leora is the one that is naked or at least in a thin shirt and panties more than anyone else. Some of the tenants are very rarely even seen. This new couple, which there is no thread for yet, and Im seeing with good reason, don't even sleep together. Maybe they have their reasons, but once again, if they are going to be hosted on a site such as RLC, then that should not be the case.


I know that its not a PORN site. I have heard that argument over and over again, but lets be honest here. I would say that 90% of us do not watch this website just to see them on their phones or sleeping separately. We watch it to maybe get a chance to see one of the hot girls naked, having sex, showering, or running around in states of undress or even bating. When RLC keeps couples or even more in the case of Nora and her roommates, then we EXPECT to see something.


As I said, I still watch from time to time, in hopes that maybe something will change again, but I only see it getting worse. So I will post things as I see them, which maybe pretty few and far between indeed, but anyway, just wanted to really say hello, and I hope that you all have better luck than I do when it comes to finding something, anything to post :)

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The thing with the digital devices is world-wide in developed nations. EVERYONE has their noses buried in one, and they're even trying to drive their cars while using them. It's not just the RLC people.....  We notice it more with the RLC people because we'd rather see them doing something else more interesting........like getting naked....

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Oh yeah, I do realize that it is a digital age, and that people all over, are using them very frequently. My point though was, that we are not paying to watch people drive down the road, or hang out at the mall and be on their phones. RLC is a predominantly PAY site, and as such, should kind of monitor and police how often the tenants are doing that, thus giving their paying customers nothing to see that they CANT see out in the everyday world for FREE. I just cant understand how RLC has enough of a customer base to keep operating when that is basically all that the tenants do, in EVERY apt. Sure, Im on my computer a lot, but that's because I don't have any friends or a girlfriend that runs around naked in front of me. If I did, I could assure you that I would NOT be on my computer, I would be on HER :) ALL of these tenants are ridiculous. RLC really needs to get tenants that pay more attention to each other, than digital devices. Once again, that of course is my opinion. But if they are going to CHARGE for this, they need to step it up a bit and give us all something TO watch that is more interesting. :)

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I cant believe that any couple in a long term relationship would be as active sexually as people keep complaining that they want to see.


While I don't want to watch them on their phones/computers anymore than the next person,  I keep watching hoping to catch them doing something...anything... interesting.


And that is the allure of the site.   Watch them live their lives and enjoy the highlights, when they occur.   The aha!  moment.  Gotcha doing something.

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You totally get it, starwizard!






Many of us feel the same...especially about the tenants with their time and attention to their gadgets. Sadly, it is the times we live in today. Worse case scenario, the human race will eventually die out because everyone will isolate themselves to their devices. LOL! 


But, seriously...you mentioned something that I have seen others mention time and again and that is that RLC should do something in terms of monitoring or policing. Personally, as a voyeur, I would never want RLC to direct or control the actions of any of the tenants...other than keeping them from covering the cameras and removing them for any heinous actions. I know some people currently believe that RLC already does, but anyone who's made that claim has never presented any solid proof. 


If it ever becomes evident or if RLC ever decides to control, direct, or police the actions or in-actions of any of the tenants, then reallifecam(dot)com would lose the essence of voyeurism and become a very different type of site...something more akin to the webcam sites. More importantly, other than doing a lot of diligent surfing and having luck in finding a homemade video where the subject or subjects do not know about the camera, there aren't any other voyeur sites (to my knowledge) that are as voyeur in nature and show it "live". 


So, I endure the waiting period and remind myself about many things regarding these tenants...like: 


  • Some of them have been together a long time, so they're not going to have sex all the time. The newness of the relationship and the pussy has worn off...but, it's not out of style either. And, it doesn't matter if they're young. It doesn't make them rabbits. I think I am older than all the tenants (quite sure, I am) and I get horny everyday...so, why aren't these "younger" guys horny everyday? I think having pussy on tap is just one of the reasons.
  • Gaming becomes more important when you have pussy on tap. I understand the power that gaming can have over some. There were many times I had ignored my ex while she was walking around nude during one of my gaming sessions. If you've ever played any games like Dark Age of Camelot, World of Warcraft, Planetside, Diablo, etc. for over 12 hours a day, consistently for weeks, then you probably know what I mean. For me, right now, the power of being turned on by "watching" some of these tenants is equivalent if not greater than my hunger for gaming. Since I don't currently have a girlfriend (and don't want one), pussy is not as accessible as it is when having a girlfriend...so it doesn't surprise me that my libido is higher. When I see any of these guys on their games and ignoring their women, and all of us are like, "What the fuck is wrong with him?", I get it...I understand and can honestly empathize on either side of the fence. But, when I was younger and gamed all the time, I remember that I still got horny...no matter what...and I still fucked my girlfriend. "If" anyone had ever been watching me and my girlfriend during those times, then there would have been times when they would have been disappointed and times when they would have been pleased (considering that a camera was well placed and there weren't any technical difficulties).
  • Not all girls walk around nude all day while in the privacy of their homes. But, a few on RLC do so on occasion.
  • Not all girls masturbate. Just because we guys do...all the time (for many of us) does not mean every girl does too. But, thankfully, there are girls on RLC who do...and there are some who don't.

I could go on with more, but I don't want to write another novel on here.


My point is that watching RLC for hours and hours...sometimes until the next day, waiting for something to happen, can be extremely frustrating...especially whenever the tenants purposely hide their nude bodies from the cameras. If there is any policing that needs to be done by RLC, then it is this. I'm paying money to see this nudity while they are taking a shower and the tenant turns away or covers up...robbing me of the pleasure of viewing. But, this is a subject that I debate with myself almost every day...because, to police it would be to strip away a layer of the essence of voyeurism. Their actions of hiding from the "known" camera aimed at them is an honest and natural reaction. 


Bottom line is: RLC can remove all the tenants, who spend too much time on their gadgets or hide or whatever...but, in the end, we'll just get new tenants who will do the same...until we don't have any tenants left (unless RLC brings in "older" tenants - like ages 60 - 80, who don't know much about technology - and we don't want that...or do we??? Anyone on here into senior sex? LOL!). As I already mentioned, it's just the times we live in...and I often have to keep reminding myself of that.

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