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well i for one dont give a shit what other members think ,so i will comment . she is no worse and no better than any other girls on rlc , she is acceptable for this kind of project ,and will have more than a few followers ,i for one will be checking in on her , and for all you pessimist ,theres always veronica on RLC lol

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On ‎2015‎-‎05‎-‎15 at 5:58 PM, hollywoodmogul21 said:

Nevertheless, she looks good. I sure wouldn't kick her out of my bed.


Pic originally posted by Prodog on the CC Board.

(Image Content No Longer Available)



Maybe in your dreams boss

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For those of us who have " been around " and " been there, done that " you may agree (or not) that this is just what a strip club girl looks like ....  not putting down strip club girls, many are nice, just like the girl next door. Some will "take" you for everything you have and not even blink an eye !!! Some are paying for a college education..... and most will give you your moneys worth of entertainment. For many years I have gone for a weeks vacation fishing in Canada with friends, and the Canadian girls are very beautiful. On Friday night and Saturday night we would go to the strip clubs and be " entertained " by lap dances, table dances, and private room dances. You get to know the girls, their names, why they dance, and some share their future hopes with you if they like you and feel you are honest and sincere. Some will just give you a "dance" as their job entails them to do. Some will give you a good teasing. And a very few love what they do, and will give you such a boner that you almost "shoot your wad" in your pants.....while performing your wildest dreams in front of your eyes !!!!  That's what RLC is sort of like, the girl next door, the teaser, the "taker", and the wild one who will perform beyond your expectations.  As you post your comments of each apartments tenants who perform for you, tell it like you see it ...Dud, OK,  Teaser,  Good,  Fine,  and Bonerific with a paper towel cleanup of your monitor !!! Let the RLC owners and forum members know your true opinion. It stimulates debate, and improves the site overall.  And I'm sure the "performers" might like to know what you think also, as I'll bet that they read them too.  Tell them what you would like to see, you may get a surprise.    Thanks for your time reading this long diatribe of mine.  Sound off if you have a comment or can add something to this post.   ;D

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Milana may be good to look at but the trouble is that is where it stops with her.

She changes often in the laundry room and if in her bedroom changes behind the bloody wardrobe door.

When showering we have managed to see a glimpse of her boobs which i must admit look very nice but is very hidey in the shower.

Lately she has even started sleeping the other way around in bed to avoid the cams getting any views of her lower half.

I feel she thinks a lot of herself what with the often tossing of the head and playing with the hair etc and i think she really does have her head up her own ass.

All in all i think she is a stuck up bitch and what anyone is expecting to see then don't as you will not see anything from this girl. 

All in all pretty totty but buggerall else and in my view never will be.

A complete waste of space.

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