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early predictions for vacant apartment


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Most probably. I'm sure they have a lease to fulfill . Sitting empty is money lost. Getting tenants worth watching will be the hard part. We need tenants like Nellie and Bogdon that actually like each other and have a real relationship

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Not being funny about the other couples on rlc but I believe nelly & bodgan are about the only ones left on rlc that look like they have a true relationship on here

nah, Carina and Sabrina fight a lot but they still are very much in love. just last night they were cuddling on the couch. Sabrina was grabbing Carina's tits, and lifting her shirt so that Carina could playfully slap her ass. They are probably the most in love out of everyone on RLC. Leora's relationship to meathead is laughable. I generally watch her cam the most, except when he is anywhere near the kitchen. I can't stand to see him chew with his mouth open. Nelly and Bogdan are just in young love. Hell they only just met a short time ago, at Dasha's house, during a party. I remember seeing them arrive separately and flirt around all night before finally fucking on the couch. They've only been together a few months, 6 if they're lucky.  

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Adriana and Daniel also seem to be very affectionate, Daniel more so than Adriana but she has her moments. they have their little ways of showing each other that they are in love, its just hard to catch between them spacing out watching TV, and being gone for work. 

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