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New appartement Taya end Yarik


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Only if there's something to see...We lost Alina and her guests who would get naked for the cameras in any room. Now RLC puts the new apt in the premium section.  If the new residents and their guests follow true to form for the recent couples, there'll be nothing to see. A net loss for all viewers.

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I agree Hollywood they might not even have that old apartment anymore. Lets face it A&A apartment was pretty crappy looking. What's fucked up is that it seems that now every new apartment is  premium. Well now for sure we know that it won't be D&D guest cause new male tenant is home. He's got a silly looking tattoo that covers his whole back. For a tattoo like that so big you better have some muscles not wimpy looking like him. Waiting on the female tenant , not home so far. Imagine if its a gay male couple ...lmao . I defiantly would not renew my subscription!!     

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A&A was NOT premium. That's kind of fucked up that the replacement couple isn't in the standard membership. Than again, they aren't in Alina's & Anton's apartment...so may not be a replacement.

thats true and i am sure that there will be a replacement for a&a it's just a new thing they do a couple leaves and they get replaced by a premium couple then an standard couple arrives i wonder why they do this now but great for rlc new bits and bobs rlc are up to

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I really felt bad for Taya for that ultimate outcome.


This is just a fantasy, but if all the members who liked Taya could all be in a room with Yarik after that huge episode...


I don't think Yarik would look like Yarik anymore. His face would probably look more like the tattoo on his back.i wouldnt say 

i wouldnt say no to 5 mins in a room with him , he would know what pain really is ,B.T.R style 

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