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Gerbil or Hamster is in a bad place

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Finally, since they moved the coffee table a little the other night, I was able to catch a fleeting glimpse of whatever's in the cage.  It was during nightvision, so I can't be sure, but it looked like a hamster. 

In any case, don't these people have any common sense?  Unless it's a sunless area, you never put a caged animal in front of a window because the solar effect will torture it, and UV rays will slowly bake its delicate skin.  Imagine if you were wearing a sweater and then shackled to a chair in front of large windows that get s a lot of sunlight?  Total hell. 

Looks like they've taken the creature off of the coffee table and placed it on the window sill.  Refer to pic where you can see the cage in the window's reflection.

Also, Hector should use some common sense and not play his war games with his laptop right against the animal's cage.  Imagine how scared and shocked that animal must be everytime a shot is fired or an explosion happens?   Clueless people.  I don't think there's even a wheel for the animal to get some exercise.  It's a known fact that gerbils/hamsters get depressed if not stimulated.  They should at least connect some of those tubes so the animal has something to do and can get a little workout.


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jesus H christ ! what as this fan forum got to,where members are worrying about a bloody hamster, surely theres more pressing issues at hand to be discussed ,but if you really need to worry about the poxy animals/vermin that plague the cameras ,then i suggest its about time you have a rest from RLC , and take up a hobby to occupy the time you ussually spend on your computers watching RLC , ,,,,,,,,OK im only joking ,i noticed nobody replied to this thread so i decided to get the ball rolling . come on guys give some imput on your views regarding the bloody pets lol

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Sadly, I do not know much about hamsters being placed on window sills for a long period of time nor how UV rays affect them.


A girlfriend and I had 2 hamsters once and all I can tell you is that we did have a wheel and I spent a lot of money for plastic tubing so they would have more room to run. Oh, and we had 2 plastic cages for them...the tubing ran from one cage to the other.


Another thing I can tell you about hamsters is that when they fuck, it's the funniest thing to see. The female hamster will sit passively and slowly raise her tail. Then the male hamster comes in fast. Maybe six to a dozen tiny fucks and he speeds off to do something else. If the female is still there with her tail up, he'll come in and do it again. It's fast! So fast, it would make any minute man feel better about any premature ejaculation issues he has. I wish I could explain it better, but it really is something that is better seen.

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