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I'm going to apologize now before I say this.


I'm sorry Coco fans.


But, I think Coco is one odd-looking girl. I can't get past that face, those goofy-moving eyebrows and those baby Mick Jagger lips. Her face is a boner killer for me. And her body is almost as straight as a board. I have never found her attractive...and, don't think I haven't tried. I have looked hard to find something appealing about her and...LOL...I just can't get past that fugly-looking face.



Dear Coco,


Please leave RLC. I'm sorry you're so ugly to me. I know you can't help it, but for some reason neither can I. You're just too ugly and my cock, who doesn't discriminate, doesn't like you either. In the nicest way I can put it, "It's not me, it's you." So, the only solution is for you to go. Because, I'm not leaving RLC anytime soon...and I've been here longer anyway. So, please leave so that I will once again look in on Milana. I realized that I stopped watching Milana because of your presence. You're just so ugly that I cannot even watch the sexy girl beside you. Not to mention that with you there, Milan isn't going to bring home any guys soon. And, I don't want you anywhere near my Kamila. I love watching Kamila and you could easily ruin that for me too.


So, what do you say? Be a pal? Be a good sport and leave RLC for good? I mean, your name has been taken off the apartment. So, just leave already.




Your worst fan, Hollywood



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a footnote to @hollywoodmogul21 s post . when you arrived coco we was imformed by your superiors that you was a friend of milanas who was visiting her ,i have 2 questions  on that matter , why the fuk was a visitors name placed on the residents list if she was only visiting ,,secondly why the fuk are you still there ,surely your visa must be up , do us all a favour and sod off back to wherever you came from , you have not had any positive imput into that appartment ,except act like a child and cause barriers between the other residents , 

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She is the longest reigning guest and resident i have ever know to stay at the all girls apartment just because milana is there she thinks she can stay forever what a sorry ass bitch she is. She is taking longer then v&l at this rate lol

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